Bad Decisions


Within a few hours of mornings first light the Magic, Senbotsuusha, had set out to follow through with his plans for seeking out two new
Gate Guardians. Leaving his perch hours ago, he had already eaten his morning meal; a lone stag who he caught aimlessly wandering the
forest. It was an elegant creature, with a beautiful shimmering silver coat, black laced horns, and the mannerisms of a King. Sen had
honored it by taking it down with the utmost respect, and denied himself the pleasure of toying with his meal and engaging in a long hunt.
The kill had been a good one quick and painless.

After finishing his meal he had returned to the mountain, for one last check upon his fellow Guardian. Kantuur looked as he usually did
these days, the embodiment of death. Sen had tried to speak with him, but the Star Kat hadnt even acknowledged his presence. With a
deep frown the Magic had left the confines of his comrades cave, and encountered Ceilara as she returned from her morning hunt.

Still leaving today? She had inquired quietly.

Sen nodded roughly. I cant put it off any longer. A few more days and the energies will be far too exposed to our world.

I wish you luck, Senbotsuusha. Had been all she said in response, as she moved forward and slipped back in to the cave. She had avoided
meeting his gaze, and he hadnt failed to notice that. She was still mourning her own son, and the other Guardians who had fallen. Coupled
with Kantuurs worsening condition, the beautiful Moon Raveeness had much to be upset over.

Sen had watched her vanish in to the darkness before frowning to himself. Something akin to dread was beginning to weigh upon his heart
as he stared in to the darkness of the cave. Would Kantuur be here when he returned? Surely if things continued as they were, the Star
Kat would be gone within the matter of days. This could be the last time Senbotsuusha would see his friend alive.

Pushing the thought to the back of his mind, with a deep scowl, the Raveen forced himself to look away. Kantuur would be here when he
got back. He would be fine.

He didnt believe a word of it, and that made the feeling of dread more pronounced and heavy on his heart. Kantuur, my friend May the
Guardians of the past watch over you while Im gone.

Several hours later, after a mix of teleporting, flying, and walking, the Magic Guardian now found himself in a rather bland looking Valley.
There was nothing special about this place, it was covered in miles of sand, mock forests, and partially exposed rock faces. Every inch of
this place seemed to meld together, creating an endless landscape of miraculous disinterest.

Stifling a yawn the Guardian moved forward, his eyes roaming over the area with an obvious dislike for what he was seeing. Part of him
wanted to teleport away, to seek what he was looking for somewhere else, but he knew he couldnt do that. The first of a long list of
potentials would be found here, amongst the monotone atmosphere of this empty desert.

It had been forty minutes later when he had finally come across the first sign of life bigger than a fist-sized beetle. The thought of his mind
having been playing tricks on him did pass his mind initially, when he first saw the sandy-colored Raveen, as the landscape seemed to
conceal him near-perfectly. It was only when the Raveen moved his head and took notice of Sen that the Magic Guardian was relieved to
discover he had actually found life here.

Greetings, Sen began as he closed the spaced between the two. As the Raveen came in to full-view, the Magic Guardian felt a pang of
guilt. It was Yzak, the Sand Child of the Orcle, who he had been trapped with at the God Temple. Unlike Sen, Yzak didnt have the blessing
of healable wounds. The Great Evil had done something more sinister to the CotO than any of the others; She had merged the young
warrior with the Demon Yzak had been seeking to kill for years.

The Sand Raveen regarded Sen with a look of uncertainty. Senbotsuusha? What brings you here?

There was nothing casual about his words, Yzak had demanded an answer both through his tone and facial expressions. No matter how
much time they had been forced to spend in each others company, both Yzak and Senbotsuusha would likely never get along. Sen had
berated Yzak for his thirst for revenge only months before their capture, accusing the CotO of wanting vengeance so badly that he didnt
care about the disgrace he was bringing to the memory of his parents. That comment hadnt gone over well, and Yzak had never forgiven
him for it.

I was looking for someone. Sen replied calmly, trying not to provoke Yzak by letting his pity for the young Raveen show in any manner.
Nyzaki in fact. Have you seen her lately?

The Sand Raveens unnatural eyes narrowed immediately, throwing wild accusations the Guardians way. I may have, yes. What do you
need her for?

I have some things I need to discuss with her. Private matters. The Guardian replied, flicking an ear back. Nothing you need to worry over.

Private matters? Since when do you discuss private matters with Nyzaki? Yzaks eyes were still throwing suspicious accusations Sens way,
but now his lower lip was twitching too.

Senbotsuusha had the desire to roll his eyes, but refrained. Is she here?

Last I checked it wasnt any of your concern where Nyzaki was.

Please, Yzak. Where is she?



What do you need her for again?

Private matters.

Oh, yes, private matters. Which would concern?


Mmhm. Care to enlighten me as to what topic these private matters may concern?

Yzak. Senbotsuusha sighed. I dont have time for this. I need to speak with Nyzaki.

Does this have anything to do with the Shades?


Then its not that important. Nyzaki has things to take care of, and I doubt very much shed like to be disturbed for Senbotsuushas private
matters. The Sand Raveen sneered.

Look, Yzak, this is important and concerns something more sinister than the Shades.

Sure, because your private matters are always more important than the world around you. Nyzakis not like you, Senbotsuusha. She
concerns herself with the matters of the world, not the matters of one section of it. While youre here worrying about whatever it is youre
worrying about, shes off trying to help others prepare for whats to come. Like Namanor told us the Shades are what we have to worry
about now. So whatever your problem is, take it elsewhere. Nyzaki has more to do than to listen to the ranting of a Guardian. Yzaks words
were all but snarled as he rose to his paws, glaring menacingly at the Magic Guardian.

Senbotsuusha took a deep breath, and sighed in defeat. Fine. Ill take my matters elsewhere. Let Nyzaki know I was looking for her, and
that in the future I would rather speak with her personally than have her lackeys send me around half the continent searching for her just
to find my way to you.

He didnt stay around long enough for Yzak to lash out again, having teleported himself off to another Valley. In retrospect he shouldve
known Nyzaki would be a bad choice for a Guardian, given her dislike for their perceived favoritism for Orcles Isle. Perhaps it was for the
best that he hadnt been allowed to speak with her, for she surely would have given him more of an earful than Yzak ever could.

He just wished hadnt wasted all that time figuring that out. Now it was early afternoon, and he hadnt even interviewed one potential.
.The Downward Spiral.