Battle Scarred


Understandably irritated by the mornings events, Sen could only half convince himself that the rest of the day would go better. He was
muttering incoherent words under his breath as he moved forward, heading for the shroud of trees off to his left. Numbly his paws brushed
across and over the ground, crumpling leaves and dirt alike with each movement.

Mostly due to the walking, flying, and teleporting of the morning, Sen was already exhausted. He had no desire to go on another wild goose
chase, or even run in to another friendly face. He had a sinking feeling he wasnt going to be lucky with that one, however, as a faint flash
of red and black fur catches his sight.

Turning to get a better look Sen is able to make out the Raveen just beyond the tree line, a blue-maned Fire Kat who had just dropped out
of a tree. He was watching the Magic with partially concealed silver eyes, and an icy chill to his expression. For a long moment the two
observed each in silence, neither daring to tear their gaze away from the other.

It was the Fire who spoke first, with an air of reluctance and cold indifference. Youre a long way from home, Warrior.

Sen didnt need the tickling sensation in the back of his spine to know something just wasnt right here. Unable to remove his gaze from the
Fire, the Magic tries his best to get an idea of his surroundings from the corner of his eyes. So I am, he admits with the light twitch of an
upper lip.

With a scathingly cruel air the silence crept back in to the area, with the Raveens once again regarding each other with a sense of unease.
The Fire looks momentarily curious, but a mask of indifference quickly slides back in to place. Sens ears swivel back, threatening to flatten
against his fur covered skull.

A chilled breeze lazily passes, but is only acknowledged by the faint brush of bangs over each Raveens eyes. They dont remove their gaze
from each other, choosing to ignore their now displaced manes as they dared to obscure their views. Although neither would freely admit it
in words, they both felt oddly threatened by the others presence.

Sen couldnt place the Raveen. For all the world he didnt look the least bit familiar, nor had he ever heard a description fitting this Raveen
before. So why was he feeling as if he were in danger now?

Its the unceremonious crack of two trees breaking that temporarily draws Sens attention off to the right. He can only make out the faint
traces of newly raised dust in the air. Whatever had just happened, it took place somewhere further in to the forests reaches.
Sliding his gaze back nearly causes Sens heart to jump out of his chest in surprise. The Fire Raveen was gone, most likely having
teleported off somewhere while he had been distracted. Mentally he curses himself for taking his eyes off the enemy, while at the same
time doing a quick search of the area.

There wasnt a single trace of the Raveen anywhere. He couldnt even find evidence that the Fire had even been there. No trampled leaves,
no claw marks on the tree Sen had seen him drop from. Nothing.

And he had called him Warrior... not Guardian. Had that Raveen not known who he was, as he had not known who he in turn was? And
why, why, was that lingering tingle in his spine familiar? He had felt that kind of fear before, he was sure of that, but couldnt place the
feeling with anything recent.

Who was that?
Did I hear him wrong or-
-Did he just call ~you~ a Warrior?
That was interesting.
Idiot! Why did you take your eyes off him?!
Whatever that was about.
You should have attacked. He probably had it coming.
Why didnt he call you a Guardian?
He looked sort of familiar.
Did anyone else notice that-
Augh! If that had been me I wouldnt have lost track of the creepy fella.
His eyes were so cold
He was almost like an empty shell for a moment there.
A Fire, huh? And you were scared of him. What kind of Magic are you?
I still cant shake this feeling that-
e had armor on, too. Carved sheets of Demon bone by tha looks of em.
Scars on his face. Cold silver eyes. Mane as blue as the sky once was.
Battle scarred, that one is.
Some Warrior you are, didnt even follow common sense and keep him in your sights.
I cant believe it Were talking about a bloody Fire Kat for Orcles sake!
Hes a Guardian, not a Warrior, you dolt.
I almost felt as if he could see me. Us.

Frowning in frustration Sen tries not to focus on the voices raping his minds senses. He still had a long way to go in repairing the protective
walls of his mind, and he didnt need this reminder right now. Hissing lowly he mentally fights the voices back, snarling at them all to shut up
and keep their damn opinions to themselves.

..No kidding.

Are the last bits of comments before Sen is rewarded with the silence of his own, private, thoughts. With a grateful sigh the Guardian takes
a moment to enjoy it, allowing his own string of thoughts on the issue to rage through his mind.

You know, its not that safe to stay out in the open like that.
.The Downward Spiral.