Demon Land


Senbotsuusha snarls, shouting another demand at the others to shut up before realizing the voice was unfamiliar. Eyes rapidly flicking
open the Magic whirls around, spotting the amused Raveeness behind him.

It was a young Raveeness, with bleached blonde fur and a black forehead marking shaped somewhat like a twisting tidal wave. Her eyes,
where most of the amusement was clearly displayed, were a striking light green. A dyed piece of purple animal fur was neatly placed atop
her head, allowing only a single strand of a dark bang to slip through over her left eye. She was wearing a simple piece of silver chest
armor, which was dented and scratched from obvious neglect and abuse. A silver shield, and what Sen could only describe as a
blade-shaped strip of metal, was securely tied to her back with too-long black straps that hung haphazardly around her at the places they
had been tied. And at last, she had a flame-tipped tail that was just as dark as that bang that hung loosely out over her eye.

Hey. Earth to well whoever you are. Anyone in there? The Raveeness questions, tilting her head to the side with mock worry.

With a grunt Sen shakes his head lightly, clearing his thoughts. Sorry.

No need to be sorry bout anything. She replies, with a delicate smile. You should just be careful around here is all.

Where is here exactly? Sen had only now realized he didnt know where he was. In his haste to get away from Yzak he had just randomly
teleported somewhere.

The Raveeness fixes him with a skeptical look, one brow lifting in silent surprise. Youre in the Soraykin Pass.

Soraykin..? Sen could honestly admit he had never heard of the place, and that worried him slightly.

Yeah, thats what I said. Soraykin. She kept her look of skepticism locked on Sen, clearly unsure whether to accept his confusion as real or
an act. Its just a few miles south of Relem Valley.

South?! Sen was feeling oddly startled again. He was in the South? But..

Yeah, get it now? Youre in Demon Territory. Youve got to be careful around here, even without the guidance of their Mistress the Demons
can still be rabid animals. Her expression relaxes in to one of minor worry as she watches the Guardian. You didnt know?

I had been in a hurry to get away from someone. The Guardian admits honestly.

Oh. The look of skepticism returns with renewed interest. Thats.. You werent running from a Demon were you? If you were, thatd be just a
bit ironic. Teleporting right in to the heart of Demon Territory, where thousands of Demons can be easily found, just to escape one.

It wasnt a Demon. While that might not have been completely honest, given Yzaks condition, Sen didnt want to place the CotO under the
Demon column just yet.

Hm. Well, I suppose you could always just leave then, if you didnt mean to come here. The Raveeness offers after a brief pause of silence.

Perhaps I will. Sen replies wearily.

It would be the safest thing. The Raveeness says encouragingly.

Yes, Im sure it would be. Sen agrees.

Unless, the Raveeness drawls, now looking overly amused. Youd rather have a short rest before you go? There is a safe place nearby.

Is there now?

Of course, why else would I be out here? Im not full of mindless bravado, you know. Im not going to wander off in to a Demons land without
a place to go for rest and safety.

Forive me, but I have just met you. Sen counters evenly.

Well, obviously. Otherwise we wouldnt be talking about this. She rolls her eyes with a mock sigh of exasperation. Im Korikiya but everyone
calls me Kiya.


Let me guess, everyone calls you Sen? She winks playfully at him, before looking more serious. Now that the introductions are out of the
way, we really should get out of the open.

Agreed. Sen replies, with some uncertainty. With the way he was going today, he was probably being led in to a trap of some sort - to be a
subject for some Demons amusement.

Oddly, however, he didnt much care.
.The Downward Spiral.