The Promise Of Guilt.


Ceilara's breath caught as she absorbed the words of her companion. If she had heard right, then she had at last found a cure. "This will
save him?"

Dull red eyes bore in to her own, much paler, blue ones. "It will."

The answer was simple. There was no explanation offered, no words of further comfort. Just two little words, but somehow they were
enough. "Then I do not care the price. I will do anything... Anything to have him back."

"Are you sure, Lady Ceilara?" He enquired, his voice laced with curiosity and a dash of concern.

She nodded fiercely. "If it means I will have him back. Yes."

"The price is immense, you understand? Once paid there is no going back."

"I understand." Was her honest answer.

"It can be done, as I have said. I can bring him back, return him to who he once was. There is a risk."

"You have told me before. I am still willing to take that risk." Ceilara replied, nervously biting the edge of her lip.

"I will ask you one last time, Lady Ceilara. Are you sure you wish to go through with this?"

She didn't reply immediately. Ceilara knew that if she did her answer would be one of blind desperation - an attempt to get this over with
quickly. So she let the answer stew in her thoughts for a long pause, weighing all the pros and cons of what she was about to agree to.

"I am."

He nodded slowly, taking in her renewed determination with a ghost of a smile. "He is lucky to have you by his side. Your courage is
astounding, your love endless."

"I promised myself long ago, that no matter what, I would always stand by his side. Kantuur is my life. My destiny. I shall not allow him to
fade away."

"Then let us begin. For destiny is all there is."

Her crystal blue eyes glittered with deep-set determination as he placed a large silver book in front of her. The determination began to mix
with something else, and within moments the Moon Raveeness was looking upon the book with hope. Hope that soon her Kantuur would be


"And how exactly would I have been able to do that?!" Sen snarled at his accuser, a paw pointed at the still corpse only inches away. The
aroma of death was now thick in the damp cavern, and it clung in the air like an unavoidable plague.

Blue light was barely able to illuminate the back of the cavern, where a large group of Raveens were crowded around three forms. Some
were curious of what was going on, while others had more sinister intentions. At current one Raveen, a Purgatory Kat by the name of
Xauutyn, was the one seeking answers. He, like many of the others, had been throwing accusations around at Sen and Uunagari since
they arrived back. Uunagari had tried to convince the group that there was no way that Sen could have killed Louunza and knocked a
Raveen like him out, but no one was paying much attention to it.

They were too blinded by the fact that Louunza had been killed while an outsider was with them. An outsider who Louunza had clearly

"I'm sure you got some sort of trick up yer sleeve." Xauutyn sneered. "What was it he called ya? Guardeen? Yeah, that was it. You're some
sort of Guardeen warrior. You got to have a few tricks for that title."

"Guardian." Sen replied, exasperated. "And for the last time, I did not do this!"

"Ah, sure. And who did it then, hm? Uuni? I don't think so. Uuni hadn't got a bad bone in his body. Sure he hadn't much liked Lou, but tha'
was only cause the bugger had a few chinks in his armor. Besides we saw ya exchanging words with him before we all left."

Uunagari was beginning to feel just as agitated as Sen. He had been accused of murdering Louunza just as much as Sen had, but the
group of Raveens in the cavern had trusted his words. The Guardian hadn't been offered so much as a pause for breath. No one trusted
outsiders here.

"I don't mean to sound.. uncaring, or whatever, but.. Who didn't hate Louunza for one reason or another? We all could have had a reason
to knock the bastard out for weeks. But we never did. So just take a moment here, to look at the facts, will you? Sen couldn't have killed
Louunza, thrown Uunagari across the cavern, and then had himself thrown back too." Kiya spoke up for the first time since her own arrival.
It had been a shock to find one of her allies dead on the floor, but she had been one of the more level-headed Kats. She hadn't just
started shouting at Sen for having killed Louunza, or attacked him like Hatuu had.

Instead, when Kiya had arrived she had torn Hatuu off a startled Sen, exchanged a few choice words with the Smoke, and gone over to
examine Louunza's body. "And how would they have killed him without getting wounded themselves? Louunza may not have been the best
of us, but he still had some skill."

"Tha's where the throwing part comes in. I'm thinking maybe Sen came at Louunza in his sleep, killed him quietly, but Uuni woke up
anyways. The two fought and knocked each other out." Xauutyn said, while pointedly ignoring the glare from Kiya and a couple others.

"We already established that they couldn't have thrown each other like that." Kiya said bitterly. "Plus, have you even looked at his body?
He's got three holes in his skull for Nilerna's Sake!"

"Well excuse me, sweety. But we ain't all romantic with the dead."

"Oh that is it Xau!" In a blur the Raveeness had thrown herself at the Raveen, knocking him to the ground. Claws were unsheathed, and
the two began to tear at each other for all they were worth. Blood and fur began to decorate what little of the cavern was still visible.

"What the hell is going on here?!"

Just as quickly as the two had dived in to the fight, they tore away from each other. Kiya was looking guiltily toward the entrance, where
another bleached Raveen had shown up. He was the yellow-eyed one from earlier, the seeming second in command of this little rag-tag
team of warriors.

"Sorry Tarvuulf."
"Ah. Sorry."

A brow is lightly raised at the two, as the look of raw annoyance gently subsides. "Don't let it happen again." He says smoothly as he
descends the last few steps in to the cavern. The body near the back is noted without so much as an ear twitch as the Raveen looks once
again at the assembled Raveens.

"Care to explain?"

"The Guardeen killed 'im sir." Xauutyn naturally didn't hesitate in replying.

"He did not!" Kiya defended.

Yellow eyes slid calmly over the group before locking with blue. "Well?"

Uunagari held his comrade's gaze for a long moment before offering a light shrug. He couldn't offer much in the way of explanations, but
next to Sen he was the only one who was here when it.. whatever it was.. happened. "I don't remember much. I was resting my paws after
speaking with Sen, and must have drifted off. Next thing I knew I was waking up to pain, and the sight of Sen looking horrified at something.
Louunza was dead, and his body already cold."

Tarvuulf held on to his silence as he stepped over to the corpse. His eyes roam over the body, taking in every inch of fur. It doesn't take
long before his eyes settle on the cause of death. "Demons."

"Yes, it would seem that way." Morgalis says calmly, although his words cause many to nearly jump. No one had noticed his arrival.

"Then the sanctuary has been compromised." Uunagari concluded.

"Ah, hell no. You mean Demons did this?"

"I have no doubt of that."

.The Downward Spiral.