Greater Things


"The world isn't a toy. It isn't just some place you can throw away; the world isn't yours. You can't just wake up some day and wish it all
away - it's not going anywhere just for your own selfish gain!" She hadn't been happy that day; he had provoked her by touching upon a
nerve he wasn't aware of. It became all too clear by the end of the argument - he had been an idiot in seeking her opinion again.

"It's not selfish to wish something gone." He had snapped, sending an icy glare in her direction. "To wish the end to a war no one wanted in
the first place - that's not selfish at all!"

She had nibbled at her lip, as frustration and anger flew rampant through her cerulean blue eyes. "Yes it is," she replied coldly, her words
as vile as ice. "You only wish it gone because you've lost something. It has nothing to do with the greater good, nothing to do with the
benefits of others. It's all about you, all about the wrongs that have been done to YOU."

He wanted to reply then, but her assault of words was not finished yet.

"If you would just open your eyes you would see that the world isn't evil. The only thing evil here are those who murder for sport, by their
own free will. Nothing says they have to follow the lead of their Gods or Goddesses without question, they choose to do so. Demons or
Raveens - they're all the same. We all have free will, and blaming someone else for your problems is selfish. Especially blaming a world on
such a large a scale where there ARE others like you who question what they've done."

She had kept on talking, and he had kept on listening for reasons beyond his knowing. "Hindsight is a gift only the living are given, and
while it's easy to look back and see the mistakes it's hardest to accept them. Until you are able to do that, until you are able to accept what
you have done as being done, you will only further harm those you have killed. You came to me seeking answers; and I'll give them to you

"You asked me once before what would happen if all of this change and war never happened." She gave him a critical once-over, taking in
every fresh wound and permanent scar with a look of displeasure. "First, and most important of all, you would have been dead. You would
have been like your Brothers and Sisters, a mindless sacrifice, if you had not chose the path you are on now. Free will is a selfish thing, it
allows for our own survival in the most grueling of circumstances. You could have chosen to be like them; ended this all before it began, but
you saw the alternate path. You understood that something better could be achieved through this hardship. In the end, something would
be waiting for you."

"So I am selfish, then." He commented with a grimace, one which was plagued by the faint trace of a smirk. "I chose this for myself so that I
didn't have to die easily. How selfish."

"You did, in a way. Although you didn't consciously accept it as such - you were being selfish. The world could have survived without the
change, and gone on living as it were for several generations before meeting it's end. Now, however, we have many more generations to
look forward to, and many more possibilities than ever before. My being here, and your being here, is proof enough of that. We are
accepted now, while years ago that would not have happened. On sight we would have been declared enemies." She replied.

"We're not accepted, Ameda. We're just pawns in someone else's larger game set." He had commented, with a touch of gloom.
"Disposable pawns."

"Yes, but that's the path we have chosen isn't it? No one forced us to take on this path." The Raveeness replied calmly, offering a sincere
smile to the Raveen. "You the Warrior afraid to show his true colors - and I the Healer too afraid to wander. We are both unique, even as
disposable game pieces."

"You forgot selfish in my description, Ame." He replied playfully. "Or have you changed your mind about that?"

"No, I haven't changed my mind at all. You are still selfish, 'aro, and will continue to be such until the day those weapons of yours run out of
use." She replied.

"I'll die beyond the border, as I am meant to." He had said, suddenly full of the gloom-factor. "It's only fitting for someone like me."

"'aro... Someone like you shouldn't have to die on the field. One day you'll realize what I've been telling you for months - you are meant for
greater things, and no amount of you trying to trick fate will keep you from that."

"I thought I had already managed those 'greater things' in the past?"

"Only some, 'aro. Only some."
.The Downward Spiral.