.The Dragon's Order.

Moonlight reached down, twisting itself, so that it could break through the barrier of trees to reach the lake below. It
caressed the waters, throwing the usually dark emerald lands in to an eerie blue light. The waters ruffled, and rippled,
before calming under the night's touch.

It was a beautiful area, if one could look beyond the treacherous trees encroaching upon the lake's borders. Perfectly
concealed from the outside world, save for a few breaks in the tree branches, was this hidden place of solitude. Those who
knew of this area only ever came here in the search for something they were not sure they were ever looking for.

The solitude was unnerving to most, for the area felt too detached from the world they grew up to know. Like a whole
different world, but at the same time it somehow managed to inspired something. Some say it was the water itself, blessed
by the Dragons of Lukash'ra, that made the soul yearn for what it desired. They say it had the power to reveal one's
destiny, to set them on their path.

Perhaps that was why, even with the lake's borders being rumored to cage ghosts, many sought it out.

Energies, unchained to a Temple, were what haunted the forest. Though unable to cause harm to those among the living,
they could still inspire fear. For all those who grew up in this time were brought up to believe that Energies required their
remains to be buried within a Temple in order to stay within the physical plain. So how was it that these Energies, killed
within the forest surrounding this Lake, able to remain?

And why were they so bitter, so angry, at the world? Why did they see fit to cause mental harm to those who came within
their Borders..? And why did one rumor remain that the Energies themselves could infuse their spirits in to one of the living
even without their permission?

It was due to the last rumor that many avoided the trek to this Lake. They did not desire to know their Destinies so much
that they would take on a phantom's presence for it.

That was why now the Lake was so quiet. It had been many years since any outsiders had crossed in to it's borders. Many,
many, years since any outside of the Dragon's Order had even graced it's shores. For this, the moons weeped.

Among those of the Dragon's Order, a rumor existed that it was because of the Dragon's of Lukash'ra's sadness that one of
the Moons was able to be harmed. That the lack of faith within the tides of destiny had weakened the Lake's prowess. It was
so widely believed that those who remained of the Dragon's Order sent their prayers to the Lake.

They had lost so much that they did not wish to lose anything more. And for this reason alone, they all made the trek
through the Lake's borders at least once every Moon cycle to look upon the Lake's calm waters. They alone, even if they
had to struggle, would insure that the Lake would not lose all of it's power. That there would always remain some who
believed in the power of destiny.

So if any had been within the area on this night, they would have believed that those visits were what gave the Lake it's
powers now. For the waters had begun to ripple, and the moonlight seemed to throw the entire lake in a beautiful diamond
blue glow. The light increased in brightness once, then twice, like a beating heart.

The winds picked up, and had anyone asked, the phantom Energies would've sworn that the wind carried softly spoken

  'My dear Lunaria, it is within the name of all those who have come before that I grant your last wish...'

The Energies would say that with these words a sense of longing was inspired within them. A longing for the ages past when
this tainted land was something more. When it was Blessed, and not Cursed by their presence. When the Lake had been
honored by the Dragon's Order.

They weeped silently, their phantom tears lost to the world. Like the Moons they knew it could never be... For the Dragon's
Order was dwindling, now reduced to it's last embers.. Once great guardians, the crafters of legends, were now lost. All that
remained were descendants fighting for a different world.

And they knew, without being told, that this was not what the master of the Dragon's Order had wanted. With her sacrifices
she had not wished death upon her Blessed Ones.

If they hadn't been so lost in the turmoil of their thoughts, they might have caught the last words spoken by the wind. The
last words said before the glow of the Lake vanished, and the light of the Moons retreated.

     'On this night the line of the Lukash'ra shall once more begin to walk the Lands...

                                        And when the time comes, they will rise to reveal the pathways...

                                          For it is the final wish of the last firstborne Lukash'ra...'