.The Dragon's Order.
Chapter One: The One Who Can Only Listen (Extended Prologue)

White eyes gazed up at the moons, their tainted red glow viewed with the utmost disgust. The light they shared with the
world may not reflect their blood-hued surfaces, but it was nothing more than a lie. A literal false light, which bathed the
world in dishonesty. By not sharing the blood-light with the remains of Elema, the moons were only provoking hate within
their viewer's soul.

She could remember a time when they didn't lie, an era long since past when the moons were complete and shined with
glory every time the night fell. When the name of Yinali was whispered with awe; when the legions of believers thought the
Goddess a fallen angel. Someone who had died for them.

When the truth had been revealed, the moons had been cursed red, and the whispers stopped. They became twisted words
of malice, of pure hate for the once greatly honored being. And when one of the moons was destroyed of life, there were
some groups who called it vengeance.

Karma upon the ones who had lied.

It made the moon-gazer's lips curl back. Oh, yes, they had definitely deserved death for standing by the leader of their
Order. For following her wishes, and acting as if the Belief Dimension were gone forever. They most definitely deserved
death for such a thing.

Bitterly she bared her teeth to the moons, then grinned mockingly up at them. It was funny how while the hit had been
against one of Yinali's moons, but none of her Order had died. For the sole inhabitants of the struck moon had been of
Orcle's Order. In a twisted way they only gave themselves what they wished upon others..

She glanced away from the moons, her white eyes looking upon the world below her mountain-top perch. It had been her
home for many years now, a place not within the boundaries of The Valleys, where the law had no effect on her. It was for
the best, for she was one that would never be welcomed in to that haven. There were too many influential beings who still
wished for her to be dead.

Like their wishes would ever be granted. She shook her head, bitterly grinning to herself. They could try, oh they could hunt
her down and tear her to pieces, but it would change nothing. She had long since lost her position of influence, her death
now would be meaningless. For she was no longer a Battle Master, or a loyal slave to the Dragon's Order.

She was just like the rest of them now, a mortal waiting for the day when her life would expire.

Her lips curled back once more, but the expression of loathing fell off her features as soon as it came. Her ears twitched, as
did the white wings attached to her scaled silver neck. She peered upwards as the wind rattled her golden earrings.

"So you are still out there..." She said in to the night, her voice carrying traces of bitterness. "Attempting to play once

She grinned savagely at the moons. "Who is to be your victim this time?"

Her head tilted to the right, and her ears focused upon an unspoken answer. "We shall see, oh we shall see..." She grinned
manically. "Just what it is that you think so highly of yourself for. A last wish, hm? You never saw fit to grant one before.."

The scaled Draveeness lowered her eyes to the ground before letting a bark of laughter escape her lips. This would be a
disaster, a mistake, and she knew that quite well. For a youngling to be born of the Belief Dimension at such a time...

"You couldn't have timed things more wrong.."