.Never Forget That Which Was.
The Shrine of Aglethra always led to mixed responses from him. Sometimes he found the sight of a dragon's jaws reaching up
from the ground to be one of awe. Other times he looked upon it, remembered all those buried within it, and thought it
sickening and vile. Like the dead were trying to uproot from the lands of their deaths, the jaws of a likewise dead Zethn
Dragon leading their campaign.

An army of Undead, led by a Zethn General. Wouldn't that be something...?' Of course, it would only amuse him for fleeting
moments; like warm sand in his paws that slips away with the slightest movements. He nearly snorts at the idea, at the
implications of what would happen if those buried in this land actually did come back one day. It wouldn't be entirely
impossible, to say the least, to raise the dead.

Energies were already raised from their corpses. Tied eternally to the forsaken land of the living, with their only escape
offered when a willing mortal offered refuge in a shared vessel. Two souls in one body. He'd never understand how anyone
could allow that for themselves. To have their secrets and body offered up to some already dead thing.

He supposed there were some individuals who would get a kick out of it. Generally, they'd be those types who were too
desperate for company and never wanted to be alone. Another thing he could never understand, and never quite gave two
shakes of his tail towards, was why individuals sought constant companionship. Did they really not like their secrets? Their

Lu-Nahl didn't care to find the answers to that. So set in his way, like a reclusive spider, and not the type to change now.

His flaming yellow eyes continued to gaze downward at the Shrine of Aglethra. It was hours after nightfall, he could already
see the awakened Energies milling about on their nightly excursions. What it was that they actually did night after night he
couldn't imagine. They were prisoners of this land, and they couldn't get very far before daybreak sent them reeling back to
their crypts.

Such a meaningless existence. I wonder how any of you survive. Then I remember, with a mocking chuckle, that you have no
choice in the matter. Shackled to this world forever. I could never envy that.
' Lu-Nahl's lips curled upward for only a moment, a
brief expression upon his usually impassive visage. A glimpse at the thoughts that hid behind his unreadable nature. '
I too
know what it's like to be a prisoner. Perhaps... I could at least feel sympathy for you. On some small level... Perhaps I already

Lu-Nahl glanced briefly towards the roaming Energies of those he knew to be the Nobles. Four Energies forced back to this
world because they were hailed as Heroes. They were an example of how, in these days, if you did something great you were
rewarded with chains and damnation.

Some of them deserved it. Others did not.

He couldn't tell which side outweighed the other, but it wasn't a subject that rubbed against his ire. They could all be
responsible for saving the world, ten times over, and still end up as Energies... and he still wouldn't feel more than a slight
twinge of something towards them. Just what it was - pity, sympathy, amusement, hilarity - he knew not.

It wasn't important. He'd sort it out when it was.

The violet fabrics adorning his body fluttered as they caught the lashing breeze. Glowing chains rattled from beneath the
fabric cloak, their glow tossed about in the darkness like flames itching to spread but being denied such a feast. Lu-Nahl
blinked his eyes closed, momentarily shielding them from the northern winds.

'It's almost as if You know I'm here for you.' He reopened those flaming eyes, and gazed steadily down at one of the Energies.
His immaculate features remained unchanged.
'Little Brother.'

And down, across the way, the Energy watched with an equally blank visage. Incorporeal ears slowly rotated back, and
flickering spirit flames upon his neck dimmed like a fire doused in dirt. Eyes once orange now glowed an unusual blue, and fur
once white now shined cyan. Hy-Kilh was dead, had been for many generations, much to the displeasure of his allies and the
amusement of his blood kin.

He waited idlly for the still living Raveen to make the first move. To talk, to stare, to walk away. Whatever it was that brought
the male there; surely it was not without a purpose.

Like water down a flowing stream, Lu-Nahl made his way flawlessly down the rockside. His red-marked paws brought him level
with his dead relative, and yellow and blue locked in an impassive exchange.

"You're still alive," Hy-Kilh's voice was sour and bitter like an overripe lemon. "Wish I could say the same."

Lu-Nahl said nothing, just regarded the Energy with an unassuming air.

"Talkative as ever, too, it seems." His expression shifted, melded into something of a mocking smile. All fangs, no lips. Or was
it nothing at all? "So who was it...?"

A flick of an ear. A slight change in eye colour. Nothing more, but just enough.

"Ah. I'll take that to mean.... someone important." Hy-Kilh paused, his dead eyes calculating and harsh. "Couldn't of gotten out
sooner, could you? It would have been nice not to have been sent here. Trapped and caged in this world."

"Would you have preferred the other world?" Lu-Nahl asked, his voice mocking but face blank.

His incorporeal ear twitched back. There was a long lull in the conversation, an awkward shifting of paws, and then; "Yes."
The admission, all truth, and twisted with a bitter accusation.

Lu-Nahl tilted his head lightly to the left, eyes sharpening like steel then softening like clay. "Who was it?" The question, so
similar, yet so different.

Hy-Kilh knew without seeking clarification what he was asking. It drew a bitter dance into his eyes, and reopened a bleeding
wound he'd nearly forgotten. "An old friend," a minor pause, "Or maybe it's likely he's just a bastard now. Hopefully rotting in
the ground somewhere, his guts all spilled about him in some horrible mockery of the life he led."

The Energy growled low in his throat, and cursed beneath his breath as memories of that day came to haunt him once more.
He scowled, and threw his darkening eyes at his blood kin.

"We called him Brother once."

Intrigued, but not outwardly showing it, Lu-Nahl dipped his head closer. As if wondering if perhaps it were some deep, dark,
twisted secret his Brother may yet not share. Yellow eyes kept Hy-Kilh locked in place, and in return those darkening dead
eyes did the same to him.
Mutual in our time of crisis. Heh. How we have fallen.

Hy-Kilh's expression only continued to waver into darker territory, and by the time he actually said the name outloud, he was
an apparation that was more demon than Energy. A vengeful spirit just waiting for the day in which it could taste that sweet
nectar of revenge.


One word. One name.

So much meaning for the both of them.