.Never Forget That Which Was.
There was a long stretch of silence between the duo, one which seemed awkward and out of place among an area filled with
so many loitering Energies. Like the silence in and of itself was some sort of betrayal to the locals, like they were all holding
their breaths and waiting to see where this conversation would lead. Listening in on matters that didn't concern them, but not
caring at all.

Stuck in a graveyard, forever chained to it's boundaries, they didn't care much for decorum anymore. If Lu-Nahl noticed any
of them looking particularly interested in their words, he didn't showcase it. For he knew they were nothing more than spectres
here. And so what if they went and shared what they heard with others? It was scarce to find anyone who would actually
believe their drivel.

Energies were insane, after all.

"Toruuketsu," Lu-Nahl repeated the name, his tongue rolling over the syllables with a careful touch. It had been a long time
since he had last heard that name, since the last time he had remembered the Halfling.

From the expression on Hy-Kilh's visage, all sharp edges and fangs, it was obvious he hadn't stopped thinking about the
Halfling. Lu-Nahl supposed that if someone killed him, he'd probably never stop dwelling on thoughts of them either.

Bastard." Hy-Kilh snarled under his breath. "You'll kill him if he's not dead, right Brother? For us? For Him?"

Yellow eyes shifted, taking in everything yet seeing nothing. "No."

It was like someone had reached forward and back-pawed the Energy across the face. He was staring at Lu-Nahl in a
betrayed manner, dead eyes wide and twisted grin vanishing. "No?" The words were whispy and hoarse. "No?"

Lu-Nahl was sure that if he could have, Hy-Kilh would have pounced on him then. Demanded an explanation through physical
force, beating him into submission until he verified the reasons for not wanting revenge. It amused him, but only momentarily.
"It's not for me to fight your battles," he said smoothly. "Besides, this one killed you. Why would I want to chance that for
myself as well...?"

The question was a good one. Why would Lu-Nahl put his neck out for someone like Hy-Kilh when he'd never put his life on
the line for anyone? It just wasn't his way to go and get tangled in someone else's problems. But then again, hadn't he come
here looking to find out who had orchestrated their downfall? And now that he knew of the one behind Hy-Kilh's fall.....
Shouldn't he want revenge?

Yes. That should have been the answer - Yes. Yet it was the furthest thing from his mind, and Lu-Nahl was thinking nothing of
it. Toruuketsu was not someone that revenge could be satiated with. Nor were a lot of others.

They were all puppets of their designs.

Damning them for what they were - are - would only be tasteless on his part. So why did he come here, question his litte
Brother, and accept the name? Lu-Nahl wasn't sure anymore. He was almost tempted to push the answers aside, to forget the
naming of Hy-Kilh's killer and move on.

It wasn't his place to play vendetta.

"If it was Ja-Kul you would do it," Hy-Kilh growled in accusation. "But since it's me, you won't lift a finger against him will you?"

He blinked languidly at the Energy. "I wouldn't do it for him either."

Baffled, and taken aback, Hy-Kilh looked at the still living Raveen with a darkening haze. "You've changed," he said lowly.
"You've changed a lot."

Lu-Nahl's lips turned upward, a bitter smirk rising. "Same could be said of you, little Brother. There was once a time you never
would have asked for someone to take up arms against an enemy. Would have done it all yourself -- now... You've been
reduced to this. A spectre. A prisoner. A nothing."

He watched as his Brother struggled to fight back the rage those words invoked. How he visibly shifted to that horrorfic visage,
then back to a forced calm.

"Right back at you," he hissed, "Prisoner of the Gate. And what do you have to show for it...? You're not even half of what you
should be anymore."

The chains rattled as Lu-Nahl shifted his paws back. "A minor inconvenience."

"Minor?" Hy-Kilh barked a laugh. "You don't even have your weapon anymore. I mean what do you have now...? The Claw or
the Talon?" He peered at the violet cloth on Lu-Nahl's shoulder, dark eyes boring into the glowing chains he could barely see.
"Fire. It's always fire with you. But it's not your usual fire... You've been...... Tamed."

"I prefer the term 'calmed'," Lu-Nahl sounded amused. "A lifetime in the Gate tends to.... Open one's eyes to the important
matters. And you, little Brother, are not that important anymore."

Silence. A noticeable shift in the demeanor of the other Energies, a peak in their interest.

His expression was blank, a stone washed clean, then it was amusement like someone had tossed a paint can at that rock.
"Then, dear Brother," he said with a mocking tang, "Why did you come here for me?"

Lu-Nahl's gaze was guarded. Unreadable. The smirk was wiped from his face, and his tail twitched in a non-docile manner.

"For Him." He answered. "I came for Him."

The amusement was still there, clear as day and just as bright. Hy-Kilh tilted his head to the side, and let out a manic laugh
that echoed eerily through the graveyard valley. "Still just as loyal after everything.... At least I have an excuse of the way I am
now, Brother! Energies are stuck in the ways they were in life! Turned feral by the bindings to the realm of the living --- what
excuse have you? Was that deep, dark, endless pit of insanity too tempting to leap into? Or did He ask you to, and you ever
the loyal dog, did as your mastered ordered?"

A nerve was struck. Flames bristled and boiled, lapping at the edges of violet cloth but unable to burn it at all. Lu-Nahl's eyes
were burning at an intensity they hadn't reached before, and Hy-Kilh knew he was onto something. Onto the source, the
reason, the very driving need for why his Brother was there.

He gazed into those flaming eyes, so full of malice and dark intentions. And he saw.

Amusement drained away, and nothing replaced it at first. Hy-Kilh regarded Lu-Nahl with a blank face and stony eyes.

"I'm missing something," he said, "And I've a feeling that it's why you're really here."

If he was right, Lu-Nahl's expression betrayed nothing, but he could tell. Years of having been around the other Raveen had
taught him well. He could see the minor signs that others would miss. Could read the book when the cover was closed.

"Care to share?" He queried, a brow raising in question. "Or shall we just stand here for the remainder of this night, like silent
wolves waiting to lunge at one another's throats?"

The wall came down, and once more Lu-Nahl was closed off from the world. His eyes narrowed, and his ears flattened back.

"I've no temptation for your throat," he said gruffly, "But there are other things that drew me here."

"Always, Brother. There is always an ulterior motive to your ways." He paused. "So tell me then. What is it?"

I found them."