.Never Forget That Which Was.
There was a single pause, a fleeting touch, wherein Lu-Nahl believed that the words were being spoken to him. That the
interruption had come from an Energy aware of his or his Brother's pasts. He stopped speaking, fell into a defensive silence,
and gazed steadily at the area around him. It did not take long for his burning yellow gaze to fall upon the Energy who had

It didn't take long for him to push aside his hesitations. For there stood the Energy known as Exadel, her incorporeal form
facing away from the duo and growling at a Raveen Lu-Nahl could just barely make out. Curious himself, like so many of the
other Energies lurking near, he flicked his ears forward and didn't hold himself back from shamelessly listening in.

Hy-Kilh shared his Brother's reaction, although to a much different key. He whipped around, fangs gleaming and tongue rolled
and ready to give a verbal lashing to whoever had interrupted them. Before the first syllabel left his vocal chords, it was
already drowned out by confusion. The words were not directed at them. Had not been intended for their ears alone.

Dark eyes grew wary, then shifted to his Brother who now looked enthralled by the conversation that seemed more like a
one-sided war. And amusement sparked in Hy-Kilh's eyes as he too began to listen to the exchange.

"....I know what you are!" Exadel was hissing when Hy-Kilh tuned into her speech, growing increasingly amused at the rattled
appearance of the Noble. "What you've done -- What you will do! And I cannot allow for you to walk these lands so surely ---"

"I'm free to do as I please, ghost. And you'll do well to remember your place in this world! You are nothing but an observer
now! A recording of history for us to do with as we please!" The Raveen threw the words like spitting daggers.

"I am not a recording! Not an instrument of your foul plans!" She shouted, and those Energies who were trying not to look too
obvious in their eavesdropping allowed for all pretenses to drop. They were riveted to the exchange, each trying to put a
name to the face that stood there in the shadows. So darkly etched it was hard to see beyond the stark line of shadows, and
the burning embers of eyes. "And I won't let you bring your damning ploys here! Leave at once or I --"

"Will do nothing at all? Because in your current state you could not cause harm to even a hair on my body. Accept it, will you!
You are nothing, Exadel! Just a relic of a time long past -- only remaining here because you knew too much!" The Raveen's
voice went from anger to something else. Lu-Nahl and Hy-Kilh both couldn't place a name to the sound; just that it was the
type of speech that usualy sent chills down one's spine. They were both well aware they were missing a piece of a puzzle just
now, and that here before them those pieces were being dangled just out of reach.

"I swear it on my soul I will see you dead before that time comes!" Exadel snarled. "For a ghost I may well be, but I am no

"Is that what you truly believe now?" The Raven paused, perplexed. "That through all this time you've grown into something
that could do harm? That's laughable, young Mage! Not even in life could you have hoped to throw me from my position. Do
you not remember those days? Wherein you and I fought to the ends of being. Where you fell, bloody and bruised, to never
get up again?"

"It's hard for one to forget such matters," she said, "But you do well not to forget --- I did not pass without consequence!"

The Energy was circling the shadowed Raveen, her transparent tail twitching with ire. Her eyes, if they had still been silver,
would have been blazing like hot irons. Her claws, had they been solid, would have been striking the ground like thirsting teeth
had they been able to actually touch it. And around her neck, where still it hung even after all these centuries, that crystal of
hers would be glowing an unholy hue.

And yet no matter how fierce a picture she made, the Raveen did not back down. He did not blink, he did not waver. Just
merely watched with blazing eyes that looked so much like hot flame.

"Those consequences of yours were naught but a bother!" His words were barked out, caught somewhere between a laugh
and a snarl. "I removed them from myself the moment you passed! Or have you gone senile from all your time here that now
you forget? Exadel, ghost, dead-Noble of the house of Mages... Have you forgotten how it was not I who pulled the strings?"

"You may as well have! For in your luxury of honour and pride you seemed not to care for much else! And it was you, not
Them, who sunk his claws into me! While my back was turned, my eyes on supposed enemies of us both, no less!"

"Be bitter then, ghost! You surely do deserve such passions -- but do not presume to know everything!"

Exadel stopped her circling, her ears cocking back and transparent lips curling back. "And what would it be that I don't know?
What could it possibly be?"

As if time itself had frozen, there was a hush in the area. No one moved, no one breathed, for fear of missing even more of
this delicious offering of a puzzle to be solved. For Energies had too much time on their paws; and any drama was worth the

Lu-Nahl turned his eyes away from the scene, his eyes locking with his Brother's in a single exchange of understanding. They
may not have had everything bestowed upon them in those scarce few moments - but they understood enough. And while
listening in further may have been more rewarding, the duo had no need to do so. They could make sense of all that
mattered; and if the dead Noble and her living killer wished to fight it out.... They could do so without interruption.

"So besides coming here to inquire of my demise, and tell me of your grandeur plans, what else brought you here Brother?"
Hy-Kilh asked, keeping his voice low. In the background the noise of Exadel and the shadowed Raveen continued to play out.
They paid it little mind.

Yellow eyes turned downward, a minor hesitation on Lu-Nahl's part. "I may have need of you sometime soon."

Hy-Kilh flashed a bitter grin. "I told you already, I'm not much use as I am."

"You also told me you'd be willing to get out of here if the opportunity was there," Lu-Nahl responded, his voice like velvet.
"And it will be here soon, little Brother. If you are willing to help us."

Intrigued, if not a little baffled by the sudden words, Hy-Kilh looked anywhere but at his Brother. He did not want to seem too
eager, even if he was growing hungry for the taste of the living again. He could well survive in a body not his own, provided he
could twist it about and fashion a new life just as promising as his last had been.... Or perhaps, more promising. He'd prefer
not to be turned back into a chained ghost the second time around.

Lu-Nahl did not press for a response. He waited, patient as he ever was, for when Hy-Kilh was ready to speak his piece.

That moment did not come until well after Exadel and her mysterious visitor had taken their verbal lashings to a deeper corner
of the Sacred Lands. When all the Energies seemed to flock after the duo, intent on discovering some hidden clues from the
Noble. The silence left in their wake was defeaning.

Still Hy-Kilh did not respond. He looked back at his brother, his dark eyes conflicted.

"Consider it an offering," Lu-Nahl said, "The only string that comes attached is that you will need to play your part."

Strings were often more complicated than that, he knew well enough. "......." He opened his mouth to respond, closed it, then
glanced away. "What is it you need me for?"