.The World We Come Back To.
.Fractured World.
Characters; None, really? Just a drabble.

The world was fractured. Dismantled, reassembled, and forever marked as flawed to those who could see the cracks. The
scars that would not fade, not even after centuries of being nothing but death. Void of thought, life, and all things.

Rekshanuu's Dimension was not simply cleared of life, but reduced to ash. The Dimensional pillars were crushed, magics
scattered. Some were able to flee into the arms of a warm death, or the cold embrace of a frozen lake that would still -- 815
years later -- hold their corpses. For the Sanctuaries there was no choice; no decision to leave. There was simply the
staying, the watching -- the embrace of nothingness, and the detachment from consciousness.

When the world was brought back in an offering of peace it was created in the image it bore before the first fall. A veil of lies.

They had all died, and were rewarded with the ressurrection of lies.

Watchers, Judges, Guardians... None of the Circles felt compelled to remain as vigilant heralds of Rekshanuu's word.  They
could see the scars, burning cuts that smouldered like re-lit ash. And they could look upon those who were brought back,
see they held no memories of the journey's end. See they had been given a clean slate to begin the cycle again. To damn
them all again.

One of them turned away. Then another.

Soon they all left. Not even the most dedicated of their ranks remained in the lie of a Dimension.

They left the taint behind.

Left duty to die and rot.

"We died a thousand deaths, and nothing changed. They learned nothing until they died; and now, in rebirth, they have
forgotten it all." One of them had said in the days that followed. "Yet we die, and never forget. They will learn from this fault
of theirs. See that their worth is nothing but a lie; a decaying sea of corpses on the Ash of Creation's Altar. They are meat
for the hunters, and we are not their protectors anymore."

Some said they failed. And, perhaps, that was so.

But they had been given a final rest after millenias of chaos, only to be brought back. So that the filth that could not be
taught would walk the worlds again.

There was no honour in this rebirth.