.The World We Come Back To.
Characters; Servants of Nlaruune
Warnings; Mentions of ...gore. Cannibalism. Etc, etc.

"Right now, I would love to just tear you apart. Then pry your jaws apart, and force your own innards down your throat. With
luck, if you're still alive by then, you'll choke and die on yourself -- but if not, I'm sure I could move onto dissecting your brain
with my claws. I'll start from the back, and then work my way forward. That way, if any of the Powers are feeling particularly
nasty they'll keep you aware enough to see and feel it all until I force your eyes out of their sockets, and severe your spine."

She paused, neck craned back and eyes affixed to her target with a malicious, crazed glee. Her target squirmed backwards,
paws stumbling in it's haste to put distance between them.

~Please don't.~ The plea came with the mental touch of terror; it only sent her senses reeling further into the realm of

"You'd prefer something else, then? I could always disable the sensory portion of your brain, then start with the feedings,
and removal of the eyes." She turned, tail whirling in her wake like a folded cape. "You'd see it all, but with a detached sort
of fascination that all observers are equipped with. There is, of course, the hazard of shock settling in and taking away the
fun completely, but at least you'd get to enjoy some of it."

Wings twitched, broken and bloody, as the target shivered.
~I didn't - I didn't do anything.~

"Indeed," her voice drawled, "I've gotten my thoughts all in a twist, haven't I? You're not the one I've been tracking for
months, no, I've mistaken you with someone else." Teeth flashed, and she was suddenly standing over her target, eyes
ablaze with fury. "I never mess up. And anyone who likes to think otherwise is just next to be added to my list. Since you're
already there, I can't add you again, but I can promise something more dastardly than feasting on your own innards."

The target was shaking, it's tail a rattling mess of nerves. Eyes wide, and rimmed with tears.

Her lips softened, sweeping down into a grin from the sneer she had previously endured. "Oh, yes. You wouldn't prefer that
alternative, would you? There's nothing more scarring than being torn apart by the Servants. Eaten alive, day after day,
until they tire of your taste. Until the time when your meat is no longer on the menu, and they stop bringing you back for
dinner. But you know what they don't like to tell you about all that....? Some of the Servants, they never tire of the meat.
They acquire a taste for their meals, a love for that meat's flavour that is so uniquely.... you. And to keep that one Servant
happy, they'll keep reviving you, keep your bones and meat regenerating, until the end of days."

~Please - I beg you - don't -~

"You beg me?" She laughed, the sound echoing around the vacant grove like a bat's call. "No, no. I'm not the one you
should be begging to; I'm the one you should be running from. But I guess you already tried that." She shot a pointed look
at the broken back leg of the target, to where blood was dribbling down from an exposed femur. She clucked her tongue. "I
guess that just leaves the begging then; only - I hate begging. It rattles the nerves, courses through my head like claws on
rock. Makes me want to spill more of your blood."

The target stumbled back as she surged forward, white mask hungry in the moonlight.

"And you, you're one of the few I can actually maim, torture, and toss out without anyone being the wiser. You're a useless,
lying, piece of scum that everyone wants to suffer. I just happened to find you first." Fangs flashed. "I quite like being the
first. It means I can also be the last."

Silver glinted as claw gauntlets were forced through wounded flesh, as droplets of crimson fluids sprayed across the grass.
The scream was silenced with a damning thought, and the target was left to collapse upon the ground, as the claws were
savagely torn back out. She brought the claws to her nose, inhaling the delicious scent of a fresh kill. Eyes closed in a
blissful, euphoric, breath.

"She'll make for good meat." Erabuus stated from his position, standing on the sidelines of the grove. "The Servants will
enjoy her."

Her four eyes reopened, shifting red hues glancing in his direction. "Yes," she smiled down at the warm corpse of the
Angelic, "She will."