.The World We Come Back To.
Characters; Kuumordre
Warnings; None


Ebony fur rippled with each movement, a black tide in a stretching sea of darkness. Night had fallen here some hours ago,
throwing the landscape into a shroud of black that remained unhindered by any of the red that marred the sky of day. Here
there were no stars to guide one through the dark times. No moons named after a fallen Goddess to light the path. Here the
world was a challenge that had only one rule; survive or die.

Prey animals were helpless in the dark. Whimpering, pitiful things that cowered before any rustle of noise. They were not a
challenge, and as his eyes took in their already fearful forms he could not help but snort in displeasure. Such weak things.
The wild is meant to be raw, feral with claws and teeth and meat worth fighting for. His paws moved, the sand giving way
under his every step. Though they could not see him beneath his cloak of darkness, the prey animals still shied away from
him. As if sensing his growing agitation they fled, leaping across the sands to find safety elsewhere.

One barely missed running into him, it's legs tantalizing close to his jaws as it leaps passed. Yet he held his instincts at bay,
refused to snap at the offered meal. Measly food is only fitting of a damned Venom. Only such vile individuals could
stomach eating such easy prey.

He moved on. His pace was brisk against the night air as he kept his senses outstretched, unwavering even as he passed
by a pair of Black Magics wandering through the night. They took no notice of his presence as they continued right by the
black mass;

"-e'll have your head next time you pull a stunt like that, you know?" The female was saying.

"I know," her male companion laughed, "But the look on-"

Like turning a switch off he flicked an ear away from them and drowned their voices out. Whatever they were discussing was
not important to him, and he was not one to eavesdrop unless sometime useful could be gained. One glance at the pair and
he could already tell they were mindless youth; still of the mind to think life nothing more than a game of fun. Too young to
have been around during the War, and too Outer to care about the Shade War currently ongoing.

He'd sneer at their naivety, but knew that Nemari had a cruel sense of humour. It would not be long until those two would fall
upon hardships and watch as their luxurious lives began to unfurl into a mass of bloodshed. In this world one had to earn
their right to a future.

That's unimportant, isn't it? He berated himself inwardly. Tonight he was meant to be out on a hunt, seeking a delicious
meal that would not come easy and would provoke him into revealing himself. Such prey was oddly silent this night. He had
half a mind to wonder if perhaps the Trackers had taken the Walkers out on a grand scale hunting party and destroyed all
the worthwhile meats. In such a case, he would not be amused.

~Mahuirneh, we hunger.~

Voices that sounded like dying flames sprinkled over sand and screams trickled into his mind. It gave him a momentary
pause as the lips around his teeth peeled back in a silent snarl.
-Hunt for yourselves. I am no keeper of yours, no
servant of your Queen.-

~You are Mahuirneh. You provide.~

He could not stop the growl that tore its way up his throat, ripping through his jaws and settling into the quiet night. Had he
glanced around he would've seen the young pair starting at the noise.
-I asked for no such title. No such rank.-

~Mahuirneh have no choice. You hunt for us, or we hunt you.~

The voices were feral, growing louder and more sinister with each passing word. Kuumordre drew himself up, his paws
digging into the sand beneath him as his protective shroud fell away. Like removing a black blanket, his markings and
glowing shoulder fur were visible all at once. His sudden annoyance had stripped him of concentration, left him exposed to
those who would seek out the blessings of his kind.

He ignored the shocked pair that still hadn't moved beyond his line of sight, annoyance bubbling away to something much
colder. His expression calmed, turning impassive as his glowing eyes became alight with interest. There were no prey
animals out tonight to offer him a challenge of any sort. Had he been seeking food purely to satiate his hunger he would've
done so already. It was clear to him now that he wasn't just hunting for a meal, but for the thrill of a hunt.

Now there was an offer of something more worthy of a thrill. More worth his time.

-Then hunt me, you shall.-

The challenge set. Soon they'd come for him, and for the first time in his existence, the Night Mage would be the prey. How