.The World We Come Back To.
.The New World. *p.2a
Characters; Neyahta'a, various
Warnings; Language, uh... yeah... bad language.


The scars were still there. Two crisscrossing lines that marred the once unblemished left side of his face, starting from up
near his ear and running the length downwards and across his eye. They were alien to look at, still foreign even after they'd
scabbed over and faded to paler hues than they had been a week ago.

He didn't think he'd ever get used to them. He'd gone so long without gaining scars from any of the horrors he had faced
that it was just unbelievable. A well rehearsed lie that was plastered into his flesh.

Necrodemuus frowned down at his reflection in the river, scowling a bit at the scars.

"Still moping?" The burgundy-hued Raveen, friend, and sometimes rival, was just leaving the reaches of the nearby pine
trees. Duumare cracked an amused grin at the white Raveen, tilting his head just slightly towards mocking. "Starting to think
you might be more of a girl than you let on, Necro."

Mood darkening, he shifted his scowl to the other Slayer. "I'm not 'moping', jackass."

"Uh huh," Duumare drawled, "And I'm secretly Orcle's sextoy."  He grinned, stepping up to the water's edge and dipping a
paw into it.

"Only secretly? She ashamed of you?" Necrodemuus quipped in reply.

"She wishes," adjusting his wings, Duumare knelt down to take a quick drink from the river. He stopped just short, frowning
at the odd darkening tinge to the water. Deciding on not taking his chances on the water's quality, he stepped away from
the temptation and looked back at his Guild-mate.  "In all seriousness, you do know females are into scars? It adds allure,
and thrill, and they'll throw themselves at you in an attempt to... Lick it off your face."  He grinned wickedly.  "You'll enjoy it,

The white Raveen cringed. "Everyone says that, yet you know in my time I've seen a lot of scarred up Kats that ended up
dying alone and bitter." He paused, grimacing at the thought of someone actually licking the trail of the scars.  "Now have
you actually seen anyone do that?"

"Nah, I'm into all sorts of things, Necro, but voyeurism isn't one of them. A gal starts macking on another male, I turn the
other way. Got to protect my eyes." Still grinning. "But I do hear they get more fiesty when someone's watching."

"......"  Rolling his eyes skyward, he glanced back to his reflection, frowning when the water failed to provide him a
distracting look at his scars again. It was dark now, the water running almost midnight black and seemingly thickening
before his eyes.  

Duumare snorted at his friend's silence, before following his gaze to the water. "Heh. Looks like someone is messing with
the waterways again. Wonder if it's poison, or useless sludge the Teczra District tossed out."

Still watching the darkening expanse of river, Necrodemuus replied; "Could be both. Or neither." He shrugged a shoulder
back, before tentatively dipping a paw in the river and pulling back quickly. He stared curiously at the slick black clinging to
his paw.  

"Although, I hear, if the Teczra District does toss something out it's usually recycled Kat remains." Duumare added. He
peered at the black stuff on Necrodemuus' fur, "Looks like that might stain." He deadpanned.

Letting out a noisy breath, the white Raveen shook his paw to rid it of the black substance; frowning when it appeared
harder to shake off than water. All joking aside, maybe Duumare was right and it was going to end up staining his fur. Or
being a permanent, sludge-y, paw glove.

Both looked back to the river when they heard gasping; neither knowing quite what to think as they watched a black sheen
rising from the opposite river bank in a desperate attempt to pull itself free of the water. They couldn't quite think of what the
rolling mass of black liquid resembled in those moments; whether it was a ghastly beast of the river, a Demon rising from its
grave, or a trick of the light. Even when it took the faintest of Kat forms and plunged onto the river bank with abandon, they
were still at a momentary loss of reaction.

Neyahta'a was unaware of them, only knowing and thinking on the most basic of things; survival. She had to get free of the
water, and she had to do it quick before the river dragged and scattered her any further. Virtually formless in the water,
Neyahta'a struggled to even move. Each and every shift of oil felt like she was fighting against a crushing weight on all
sides, and her senses were being numbed further and further. She cried as she managed to breach the surface, gasping
and choking on air as she pulled herself together as much as she could.

The bank wasn't far; just a paw's reach away, but it seemed so much further. She pushed, and pushed -- pulled, and pulled
-- and threw as much of herself as she could upon the river's grassy bank. Paws formed in the oil slicks out of the water,
and she pulled her upperbody free of the current's strong embrace. She clung desperately to the bank, oily claws digging in
so deep and so hard that she was sure she was scarring the ground permanently.

"H'na xi'salu," she rattled out the words, beyond thankful for the escape she managed. Tired from the exertion, Neyahta'a
was content to lay still on the bank, her form gradually pulling more of herself back out of the water. She'd never been so
tired in her life.

She hadn't even noticed the startled gasp of her onlookers as they realized the monstrosity emerging from the water was
actually a Kat. Didn't notice when they appeared on the same side of the bank as she was, and barely even noticed when
they walked into her field of vision.

"---alright?" Words were blurred by her recovering senses, heard through a veil of exhaustion and ears that refused to
process the language as anything more than white noise.

Necrodemuus lowered himself to gain a better look at the Kat's apparent face, formed from the blackness that had crawled
its way out of the water. They seemed to be alive, whoever they were, but s/he was struggling to remain coherent with the
world. He sent a sharp look to Duumare; "Get Ashrah here, quick!"

The other Raveen didn't linger, he teleported out of sight immediately. Leaving Necrodemuus and this oil-Kat construct on
the river bank.

One worried, the other too exhausted to notice anything.