.The World We Come Back To.
.The New World. *p.2b
Characters; Neyahta'a, various.
Warnings; Nothing really, except, ah... well.. no, I guess, no spoilery things, not really... uh... and no language, no...


"Hey, hey, stay awake." Necrodemuus was hovering, unsure about what to do to keep the oil-Kat from falling unconscious.
He could see the Kat's glowing blue eyes drooping closed, their unfocused depths wavering. He didn't know if s/he was
wounded greatly, suffering from a great amount of 'blood loss' or anything else. It was impossible to tell when the Kat
apparently didn't have blood in the first place.  

He tapped his claws against the rocks littering the slick grass, trying to snap her focus to him. "My friend's getting help, just,
stay with me?"

Neyahta'a could barely see anything more than blurs of colour and dark smears. The Raveen before her appeared as
nothing more than a white haze of space. A vaccuum of white that was strangely, unattractively, noisy. She wished it would
go away and just let her rest. She didn't have the energy to try and decipher anything right now.  But the noise wasn't
showing any semblance of mercy, and her ears hypnotically followed the tap-tap-tap of claws before her.

"Yeah, that's it," Necrodemuus bit his lip. "Just focus on me."  He shot a quick glance to the other side of the river; hoping
for some sign of Duumare's return. He wasn't a Healer himself, and didn't have any useful healing magics in his bag of
tricks. As a Slayer, Necrodemuus focused on power and ferocity; not kindness and defense of his Guild-mates health.

In this situation, all he could do was hope to keep the injured Kat from slipping away into a death-inspiring unconscious

When Duumare and Ashrah flicker into view, he's all too pleased to back away from the weakened Kat and give the Healer
space. Duumare joined him at his side, frowning uncertainly at the oil-slicked river bank and the Kat lying upon it.

Ashrah clicked her tongue in sympathy, flashing her fans out as she quickly assessed the damage of the other female's
energies. ~
She's unique, is she not? A Raveeness made of oil... Her energies are low, but this - this I can fix.~ She informed
the others smoothly of her intentions, weaving threads of magic through the air and settling them upon Neyahta'a as she
spoke softly of blessings known to her kind. Strung together syllables and words that filled the other with revitalizing life
energy, soothed away the hurts and exhaustion like a cool blanket.

To Neyahta'a the song was a beautiful mix of the familiar and unfamiliar. It reminded her of the songs the spirits would sing
in the nights, their soft voices mingling with the quiet drums of the rustling wind. Such music always lulled her into a relaxed
heap, and helped guide her to the bliss of sleep in their safe embrace.

Here it soothed, but did not sing of safety.

Her limbs became more solid as the exhaustion and soreness was washed away from her. As her body pulled itself together
as if she were waking from a relaxing rest. It was unusual to go from  feeling stretched beyond her means, to feeling
perfectly well, in the span of minutes. She'd never experienced anything quite like it, and she was left feeling unsure on how
to react to it. Glowing blue eyes blink gently as her ears focused on the fading string of music, and she sought out the
source of that gently coaxing tune with her gaze.

There was one like her Ytyua'h standing before her, but she was different; lacking anything that marked her as kin. A purple
hued coat, with wings of transparent blades and a wrap of black material that almost entirely concealed the face beneath.
She was holding something unusual in her paws; something Neyahta'a could not identify.

Ashrah let the words fade, and with a gentle snap closed her healing fans. She tucked them away in her fabrics, watching
the now healed Kat carefully. ~
Are you well, now?~ She inquired softly within the other's mind.

Neyahta'a flinched back in confusion as the words echoed in her mind, eyes focusing in on Ashrah but unable to see her
lips move.

The other female frowned. "I apologize," she spoke the words outloud. "If I scared you. I am not used to speaking outloud

Duumare stretched his neck forward a bit, watching the strange oil-being forming into something a lot more Kat-like than
before.  "So it's a she, then?"  From beside him, Necrodemuus elbowed him in the stomach. "Ow, shit! It was a valid

Neyahta'a took in the sight of the other two, frowning again at their unusual appearances. They were not ytyua'h. Not e'sah
or xa'htu. Perhaps they were from a different tribe, one that was not embraced and watched over by the spirits. "Ja'u

Ashrah tilted her head curiously at the words, their unfamiliar sounds beyond her comprehension. She blinked softly,
looking over at Duumare and Necrodemuus for clarification. Perhaps this was a language of their Dimensions, as it was not
one she knew.

"Don't look at me," Duumare shrugged, "Sounds like gibberish. Sure you healed her right?"

Necrodemuus was frowning curiously, but had nothing to add just then. His eyes were focused on the Oil Raveeness,
turquoise hues troubled.

The Healer took their confusion in strid, turning back to the other and shaking her head. "We are not sure what you are

Frowning, Neyahta'a acknowledged this bit of information with a lacklustre response of a muttered; "Nyt'e rya'mii."  She was
not like others of her tribe who liked to dabble in speaking the language of these beings. And like most who did not work at
knowing something well, Neyahta'a could only understand snippets of what they were saying. And she had no intention of
even attempting to speak in their language.

Even if it did mean receiving answers.

"Looks like we'll be unable to take this any further." Duumare concludes. "If she's healed, I say we just leave her to it then...
And get back to our things." He extended a wing to smack the quiet Necrodemuus hard enough to upset his balance.

Necrodemuus flailed to find his footing, shooting a caustic glare at the other male.  Once he was standing balanced again
he looked to Ashrah. "Is she healed...?"

She is. Though I wish to know how she came to be in this predicament, I cannot do so when her thoughts and words are
something I can not presume to understand.
~ Ashrah looked back to the Oil who was now sitting up. "We will leave you now.
Unless you need help?"  She tried to enunciate the words as clearly as possible.

Neyahta'a stared at her, eyes narrowing in forced concentration. She shook her head to the request for help, not liking the
idea of having to suffer the attentions of someone not linked with the spirits. Not linked with her ytyua'h.

Ashrah nodded in acceptance, looking to Duumare and Necrodemuus. ~I will be back at camp. If you need anything else...~
And then she was simply gone.

Leaving Neyahta'a to gaze at empty space, and two Raveens who were more clearly visible to her now. She watched them
warily, expecting them both to vanish like the female had, and feeling a bit bothered when only the burgundy hued one took
off. The white remained, an unreadable expression on his scarred visage.

Neyahta'a shifted uneasily, wondering if perhaps this male was a threat. A servant of the Treeko'ra sent here to heal her
and then strike her down.

"Ushu'ar." She said, motioning what she hoped was clearly saying; 'go'.

Necrodemuus' ears strained forward, taking in her speech with a rising amount of wonder. She couldn't possibly be...

"Ushu'ar!" Neyahta'a repeated, feeling even more uncertain.

The white Raveen took a step forward, hesitating when the female responded by stepping away from him, keeping their
distance 'safe'. He grinned weakly, apologetic.  "Mena'h..." He began, reaching down deep in his memory to pull the words
he hadn't spoken in ages forward. "Xa..."