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"He shadows Lacerta everywhere now. Like a
trained Azama on a leash, he doesn't leave her
side, and he's more than willing to cut anyone
down for her.."
Name: Ba-Kul
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Neutral
Rank: None

Not much is known of Ba-Kul, as most sightings of this Shade
occurred in the initial rise of the Shades, and have happened less
frequently after the Borders rose. What is known is that Ba-Kul is
responsible for wiping out most life in the Southern areas of Orcle's
Isle, and is the commander of a large number of Marked Shade
Warriors. (Upon Rekura's death, it is believed that Ba-Kul took over
control of his legion.)

For whatever the reason, the more recent sightings of Ba-Kul have
not been reported as brutal meetings. He seems to be staying near
Lacerta closer to the heartland of the Shade corruption in the south.

It's believed that, in the past, Ba-Kul may have been Antuugares'
lieutenant of the Shades.