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"Everyone knows about Rekura. He's the one
shade we could always count on to kill us in our
sleep. It's a good thing he's dead now."
Name: Rekura (Rek-uu-rah)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Evil
Rank: Legion's Herald

Rekura was a vile Shade who enjoyed in massacring the weak and
tearing down the strong. He had a twisted sense of humour, often
hunting down entire families and turning the members against one
another. He was so thirsty for the blood of the living that he was the
first Shade to make his appearance known, and the first to launch a
full scale war. (Rekura's War)

He is responsible for the destruction of the Shard Plains, and the
permanent disfigurement of the moon Na. Around the time of this
destruction he also cursed the Eclipse, causing all those born under it
to be known as "Whispers of Rekura."

Rekura is known to be dead. He is the first, and only, Shade to be
killed in the modern time.