images © Alicia Brons

Please note that this Pack is of Mixed Pairings,
meaning both Coraz and Azama Spirits are a part of
this Pack. However, it should be noted that members
of this pack are of darker alignments, and thus
individuals with the normal Azama morality should
not join.

*This pack is a Traditional Style, Open Pack.
Meaning none of the members are Paired.
".....she lives in the darkness of the
Homeland, a deathly shadow descending
upon those seeking her blessing. The
Ara'na-Sura is what they call her.

Ara'na-Sura is what she is."
Cursed by Her
Demon Blood
Tothlan | Kiyo
Pack Alphas
Dojanshi Descendant
--- | Scalas
Pack Betas