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Azama Spirits - Inner Dimension

Azama Spirits are wolf-like in appearance, and have a natural affinity for all
things related to the earth element. They're so intune with earthly powers that
some of them even have leaves, branches, and bits of grass growing out of
their fur. While it's rare, sometimes an Azama can even have leafy wings.

Azamas are able to see Spirits - be they Tree Spirits, River Spirits, Flower
Spirits, Cloud Spirits or any of the endless types that exist. They are able to
see and interact with all Earth Spirits, perhaps because Azamas themselves are
Spirits as well - only, Azamas have a physical form while other Spirits do not.

They have the ability to fully manipulate the earth, and can borrow the energies
of nearby plants to restore energy in themselves/heal their wounds. They can
also heal plants, grow plants, and even temporarily bring trees to life in the
form of Ents.

Azamas are descendants of Vertian Hounds that were blessed by Earth Spirits,
although the genes are so diluted now that the relation is mostly disregarded.
Azama Spirits are their own species, although they share common ancestry with
their more aggressive cousins, the Coraz Spirits.

However, because of their relation to Vertian Hounds they've long had an
uneasy relationship with Raveen Kats. This has led to Azama Spirits living away
from Orcle's Isle, and instead making their home on the lone island of Esk-Ato.

Esk-Ato, often referred to as The Homeland, is an island rich with life and
Spirits. The war with the Shades has not touched the Homeland, and Azamas
are able to grow knowing peace and community with one another.

Azamas do not follow the teachings of Orcle, or any Raveen Deities, and
instead follow the teachings of Elder Spirits and the High One. The High One is
regarded as the highest ranking of all Azamas, and seen as the one chosen by
the Spirits to lead them. He is a Teacher above all else.

Azama Spirits, while naturally inclined to be of a peaceful demeanor, have the
capacity to follow darker ambitions. It's rare to see an Azama that has fallen to
the side of chaos, but not so rare to see a peaceful Azama succumb to it's
anger and lash out at those who would cause them (and the Spirits) harm.

Azama Spirit adults form Packs, either Open Packs (where the number of
females must always outnumber the number of males (no more than 3 males, 4
females)) or Mated Packs (for mated pairs only). Neither type of Pack is more
common than the other, and whether an Azama joins an Open Pack or finds a
Mate of it's own seems entirely up to the individual.

They have litters - usually consisting of 2 or more Pups, and Pups grow fast,
generally only being Pups for a week before reaching adulthood. Though it is
uncommon, sometimes a litter may be smaller or a pairing may only result in
one individual being born.

When an Azama Spirit reaches adulthood they're able to learn further magics,
known as Paths, that are taught by Spirits. It takes many seasons to master a
Path, and an Azama can only learn one Path.

To first learn a Path, one must return to Esk-Ato and meet with the High One.

The Paths are named after the original Azamas who discovered them. Some
Paths have alternate names, as the Azamas whom learnt these Paths had
descendants who also taught them. Depending on whom the Azama learned
the Path from, they'd either refer to the Path by it's original name, or by the
alternate one.

The Five Paths:

Ferem Path (alt: Ferah Path) : The Azama gains power over Ice, Lava,
Electricity, and Weather Control. Those who master this Path later learn the
power to rip one's consciousness from their body, and gain immunity to the
elements they have power over. This Path is Neutral.

Sherah Path (alt: Serem Path):  Masters of Healing, those on the Sherah Path
gain the power to grow plants with healing properties (a feat normal Azamas
cannot do). Their plants can heal minor wounds, poisons, fatal wounds, or even
resurrect the dead.  Once Mastered, those on this Path can also gain power
over Spirits - allowing them to summon the aid of Spirits. It should be noted that
the magics of the Sherah path cannot heal those that are able to heal
themselves. This Path is Good.

Alu Path: Gaining power over creatures, both sentient and otherwise, allows
for those on the Alu Path to master the living of the world. Creatures cannot
resist the call of those on the Alu path, and will always rush to the aid of them.
Masters can even gain control over Raveen Kats and Zethn Dragons for a time.
Those who Master this Path completely will also gain the power to shapeshift
under the light of the moon. This Path is Neutral.

Yumi Path (alt: Yojanshu Path): The Path of Darkness. Learning this Path
grants the Azama power over shadows and darkness, giving them full control
over whether a shadow is just a shadow or something that can physical harm.
After a season a follower of the Yumi Path will be able to teleport through
shadows to other shadows, and even give permanent life to shadows. This
Path is Neutral.

Dojanshi Path (alt: Danumi Path): The only destructive Path, and one named
after an Azama who betrayed his own kin. Azamas cannot freely choose to
follow this Path, as this Path instead chooses those twisted enough to learn it.
Followers of Dojanshi love causing destruction and harm to others. They're
able to grow poisonous plants, devour Spirits, and can twist Earth Spirits into
Demons. This Path is Evil.