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Faelanx - Central Dimension

Faelanx are a species native to the Central Dimension. They were once the dominant Central
species, but after the war with the Void their numbers were left greatly diminished. While not at
risk of extinction, they're now of a noticeably smaller population and have lost a majority of their
territory to other species.

Lacking the room to grow, some Faelanx have left the Central Dimension seeking peaceful
areas for their Shoals to call home. They still fondly think of Central as their home, but have
come to accept that the wounds from the Void cannot be healed.

Faelanx are a female-only species. While "males" can occur, it's often a lethal mutation that
causes the Faelanx to die before reaching adulthood. They do not suffer any disadvantage for
having a female-only population, as Faelanx reproduce through methods that do not take gender
into consideration.

Faelanx reproduce by ingesting blood from their lifemate, and are able to to reproduce with any
species that has (non-toxic) blood in their veins. They're a species that only takes on a single
mate for life, and they tend to be very protective/possessive of what is theirs.

A Faelanx can only become pregnant when the intent is there, and ingesting blood is considered
sacred. They avoid eating anything that has been touched by blood, and will not eat other
animals or fish. They survive on a plant-based diet, and have a preference for kelp.

There is no such thing as a Faelanx mix. All Faelanx are purebloods, even if their other-parent is
of an entirely different species. They don't take on physical traits of their other-parent, instead
only taking on colours or patterns from their secondary parent. This leads to a wide variety in the
colouration of Faelanx, and no one colour is seen more normal than the rest.

In the Central Dimension, pure Faelanx pairings aren't uncommon, but outside of it such
pairings are increasingly rare. Faelanx pairs can create a soulbond between one another, tying
their lives together, but lack the ability to create such bonds with other creatures.

Faelanx join Shoals with their lifemates. Shoals must have a minimum of two pairs (one
member of the pairing must be a Faelanx) to be official. Maximum number of pairs in a Shoal is

Faelanx are an aquatic species, but can freely move above water as well. They may look frail, but
a Faelanx has a tough whale-like hide, and a natural affinity for elements that lets them control
any element they so desire. They're quick studies of magic, and often turn into very powerful
Slayers if they choose to enter into such training. What they lack in physical strength they make
up for in mental fortitude and kinetic abilities.

Faelanx are immune to all forms of magic.