Graephs hail from the Outer Dimension
 Through evolution some Graephs gained the trait of having faintly glowing visible
organ-packs on their thick hides. They're always glowing, because at one point, light had been
a necessary defense against the enemies in the Outer Dimension and a flare of bright light
meant the difference between being eaten and staying alive. That threat has since dimmed,
and the evolutionary advancement has become nothing more than a decorative trait now.

 It's hard to say what they're a mix of, but one might imagine them as being a reptillian
creature descended from Demons or Dragons in the Outer Dimension.
Most Graephs are
sentient, but have an unusual way of speaking; they have no real voice of their own and so
when they speak it's a mix of echoes of previous speech patterns they've heard.
Reading their
minds is pretty much useless, as their thoughts are a mass of screeches and other primitive
noises that only a Graeph could properly make sense of.

 They're a bit distrustful of Raveens that descend from other Dimensions, but that's to be
expected. They're allies of the Outers, and really only a part of the Alliance because the
Outers are too. Graephs can become Slayers if they want to, but generally they can get away
without the training and still join a Guild because
Graephs have the power to Alter their
Molecular Structure.

 They can change their blood to various forms/colours, and even fully heal any damage down
to them by speeding up their metabolisms to burn off poisons and forcing the regeneration of
wounds. They are also able to fully alter the genetic make-up of their bodies to change their
flesh into solid stone, metals, shadows, or even water. The only elements they can't change
themselves into are air and fire - as air requires too much effort to phase with perfectly, and
fire is potentially dangerous to themselves.

 Their tail-blades are extremely sharp, able to slice through even enchanted metals and bones
because a Graeph's Aura is filled with a disruptive static-like essence that dispells

 They are meat-eaters, but can survive off vegetation if the need ever arises. They absorb air
through their skin, so they don't actually have to breathe.
Graephs have no eyes, and instead
generally have gaps in their skulls where the teeth/large jaws are visible so that the tongue is
able to taste the air. They see by 'scent', and rarely are oblivious to their surroundings
because the auras of living things are always packed with pheromones that they can easily
detect. Because of this, sometimes Slayer Scouts may run in to some trouble around a Graeph.

Graephs can not have natural markings, but some of them do shift the makeup of their bodies
to create "war-paint" on themselves. This is not genetic.

 Unlike the species that are native to the Inner, Belief, and Power Dimensions (Azamas/Coraz,
Varishi and Orias Numas) Graephs do not have a preset Element-inclination or sense of
proper "honour" that these species come with. Graephs are more akin to Demons and the
darker aspects of the elements; unlike Azamas/Coraz tied to the powers of Earthen Spirits
(both good and destructive), Varishi who are warriors who highly value honour, and Orias
Numas who are shamanistic and power-driven. Graephs are more like Raveens; they each run
to the beat of their own drums and ambitions.

 Graephs can also be found in Feral types, akin to those used by Plateaus, that really are
seen as "below worthy" and "expendable" by the pure Graeph bloodlines. Because these
Graephs are feral (and usually halfbreeds) they can't belong to Hives, and can't be reasoned
with because of their below par intelligence. So usually when a Feral Graeph is caught, it's put
to use as being a weapon and nothing more.
images © Alicia Brons
Graephs are © Alicia Brons