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Tawls - Mystic Dimension

A Mystic Dimensional species, the Tawls were the part of the Mystic that focused more on war
and the honour in strength. They followed the teachings of Le'Asha to become a warrior breed,
and their own Divines created Tournaments that became world-renowned for their challenge.

Before the Dimension Wars many warriors of different species would enter into these
Tournaments seeking to test their skills against these avian warriors, and win the prize from the
Divine Tawls that ran them. Anyone could enter the Tournaments, regardless of their species or
age, but those who lost could not enter the same Tournament again.

The Tawls did not die when the Mystic Dimension fell. Their Divines had forewarning of what
was to come and successfully relocated their kin to safe realms in other Dimensions; most
hiding in the Hate or Outer Dimensions for a time. Eventually some came to lurk in the Inner
Dimension, and a couple Divines even began to run their Tournaments again - allowing for
anyone of any Dimension to enter them, but with a harsher punishment for those who lost.

Tawls are born with natural gifts that help them out in life, and set them into Class designations.
Trackers, Fighters, Guardians, Menders, and Mages.

Trackers are swift, able-bodied, hunters of the sky. They can track anything or anyone,
regardless of any powers that might be used to hide them. Often trained as hunters for their
Courts, the Trackers are trained to hunt prey and bring them back for their Courts from a young
age - so that when they reach adulthood, their skills in tracking have already been given a
practical application.

Fighters are strong and are born with an unrivalled focus to better themselves. They fight against
any and all opponents they meet, and constantly seek to learn and master new fighting styles. By
the time they come of age, Fighters are truly gifted in the physical art of battle.

Guardians are unwavering. They stand before a tsunami and are unmoved. Like Fighters they
are driven to better their skills, but not to be the most skilled - rather they train to stand against
the strong. To be the rock that blocks their way, and prevents them from reaching their target.
Guardians are bulky, large Tawls that do not back down.

Menders are born with an affinity for Life and Spirit magic. Able to see and read Auras, a Mender
can tell the morality and health of an individual from just a glance. Often lauded as natural
healers, due to their ability to heal via touch. They can use their Spirit magic to purify, and their
Life magic to heal. Naturally immune to Corruption, Menders can dwell in the darkest of realms
without fear.

Mages have fire in their blood, and ice in their hearts. Said to be born of the Mystic's magic,
Mages are gifted with the ability to use Elemental magics from the moment they hatch.
Dangerous when improperly trained, Mages are often taken under wing by older Tawls to learn
how to master their abilities. Often grow up into strong Elemental warriors.

The Divines aren't visually distinct from other Tawls. Able to blend in with their kin, the Divines
often live like commoners alongside their favoured Champions. Champions are those who have
been chosen to fight for the Divines in their Tournaments - they're the ones that challengers
must face and defeat combat. Being a Champion is one of the highest statuses a Tawl can
aspire to.

Tawls can come in any colour or pattern combination. They can use weapons, or rely solely on
their own physical traits in battle. Fully sentient, Tawls are on par with Raveens and other
species of similar status.

Tawls mate for life. They choose one mate that is most worthy of them, and stay by their side
forevermore. They join groups called Courts, and swear to defend all other members of the
Court and their offspring. Community is important to the Tawls, so all members of a Court are
equally as protected as their own mates.

They are compatible with Tawls, and other avian-species of similar size, although mixed species
matches are uncommon.

Tawls are able to sense Dimensional connections in others, which allows for them to tell when
others in their species are being controlled or influenced by different deities than they should be.
This allows for them to, also, tell when a Viral is masquerading as a different species or when
an Apialu isn't what they say they are.