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Tokens - Wish Dimension
In a last ditch effort to not be forgotten, the Idol Kats of the Wish Dimension sought to create followers of their own.
Individuals with no free will, who would believe in the Idols and keep them from turning to stone. Already losing their grasp
on morality, the Idols were willing to do anything in the name of power and survival.

Taking forgotten wishes and sewing them together with the feathers of fallen birds, and the bones of dead lizards, the
Idols created the Tokens.  Similar in size to an Idol, they were meant to be easily confused for Idols from afar. To be both
Believers and False Idols - the Tokens were meant to serve a single purpose - keep the belief in Idols alive.

When the first Tokens were created they were empty puppets, easily manipulated and awed by their Idol creators.
They would do anything an Idol asked.

Loyalty and worship were assured, because the Tokens knew nothing else. They lacked the sense of self to make their
own choices. Their sole purpose was to be what the Idols intended, and they had no purpose beyond simply keeping the
Idols strong.

Doviuun had not been pleased. The Idols had overstepped. Knowing the Idol Kats would never free their worshiping
puppets free on their own, Doviuun stepped in. He stripped the Idols of their ability to create sentient life, and gave the
Tokens their freedom. He breathed full life into them, and gave them the ability to be their own species - separate and free
from their Idol creators.

Their sentience fully gained, and the gift of choice given to them, the Tokens began to evolve into a species all their own.
No longer forced to be an Idol Kat's devotee, the Tokens set out to find their own place in the Wish Dimension.

What were they now, when their purpose was no longer in the paws of those who would so callously use them?

Their makers, the Idols, eventually faded from power. Turned to stone, and left to time, only a small handful of them remain


Tokens are avian-lizard hybrids who wear golden masks adorned with fur, feathers, jade, and golden plates. Their masks
cannot be removed - an unfortunate lingering curse from their Idol makers - but can be carved and adorned in any manner.
It is very rare to come across a Token with a plain or unaltered mask. Rarer still to come across one who has chosen not
to wear a golden one.

Sometimes a Token can have ribbons hanging from their headdress - long marked ribbons that can be black or pale-blue
in colour. These ribbons are a mark of a Token's age. If a Token has one, it means they're a first generation Token who
was created by an Idol. A black ribbon means the Idol who created the Token is dead, or lost to stone. The pale-blue
ribbon means the Idol who created the Token is alive and well.

If a Token does not have a ribbon, it means it is not a first generation Token - and that it was born to Token parents.

Tokens do not worship Idol Kats, or look upon them fondly. Those old enough remember the time when they had no free
will can never forget what was done. They will never again bow down and be reduced to what their creators wanted.

"May the stone take you," sums up their opinions on the still living Idol Kats.


Tokens are immune to Curses and Blessings.  A gift from Doviuun, to protect them from retaliation from the Idols. No
longer having to fear their makers, the Tokens were free to roam and grow as they would.

Their numbers were large - the Idols had all taken part in their creation, and had created enough to keep them all believed
in. Most Tokens stuck together and created a safe home in the Shifting Whorl Valley; a large rainforest with a humid
climate that was perfect for them.

Others struck out to find their own place in the world; some even straying out into the other Dimensions and worlds beyond.

Culturally, Tokens are still growing and discovering things about themselves. They've adapted some Raveen Kat cultural
quirks - like having two "r's" in their names - as they work towards finding themselves.


Tokens take on singular permanent mates, though the gender of both doesn't matter. They reproduce through magical
means - by infusing pieces of their life magic into a gold stone, which turns it into an egg that a newborn Token later
hatches from - so gender is inconsequential.

They create groups called Troves, and the membership limit is four pairs per Trove.

Tokens are breedable with other Tokens, and reptilian species of similar size. They are not compatible with Raveen Kats,
or mammalian species.