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Torments are © Alicia Brons
Aggressor Demon
Yenma's Legion

Torments. The distorted reflections of all the possibilities of the could-have-beens that are stolen
from those who never realized them. Corrupted spirits, the Torments are the opposite of the Natural
Demons known as Virals. Both share a commonality in that, in their origin forms, they have no visible
or physical body.

Where a Viral copies the looks of two entities, a Torment only takes from one and only copies the
Possibilities. The only trait they copy one to one are the markings an individual has (not tattoos, not
scars, only the natural markings).

Possibilities are a reflection of what an individual is not. They're the opposite, the conflicting force, of
what an individual could have been in different circumstances. But they are not a true reflection of
what an entity could be if they made different choices - they are what an entity could have been if they
were fundamentally, genetically, different.

A Torment is always the genderswapped and distorted mirror of an individual, never a copy.
The only similarities they share are in "apparent species" and the markings they've stolen.

A Torment cannot steal possibilities from other Aggressor Demons, Graephs, Apialu, Virals, Natural
Demons, Demon Corrupts, Undead, Purgatory Kats, Reborneds, Fel, Vanishin
g Kats (or their
bonded), Divine Descendants, or individuals that do not have markings.

(Markings are distinct marks on the fur/skin. Patterns - such as tiger stripes, spots, or snake-patterns
- do not count as Markings. Spell-Marks and Tattoos do not count as Markings either. An easy way to
tell if a Marking counts is if it a distinct design and not something that flows into the surrounding

Physical Traits

The physical traits and appearance of a Torment vary greatly depending on the possibilities they
steal. The only traits they share among the entirety of their species are:  glowing blue eyes, glowing
blue teeth/claws/bone,  and twin-tails.

The blood of a Torment is always a glowing blue, and is highly corrupting. Anyone that ingests their
blood will find themselves growing ill quite quickly, and they ingested too much they can start to
transition into a Demon Corrupt.
(Their blood cannot be changed/manipulated by Blood Magic.)

Torment Mark

The Torment Mark is the individual a Torment is mirroring.

Torments can always sense the location of they one they stole possibilities from, and they can
always siphon energy/lifeforce from that individual no matter the distance between them. A Torment
can choose to survive on nothing but this energy, slowly sipping away at their Torment Mark's lifeforce
for as long as they live. (A Torment Mark will feel tired when their energy is being siphoned; but a
Torment can never take so much in one feeding to kill their Mark.)

A Torment Mark is also the most dangerous thing to a Torment.

The only one that can permanently kill a Torment is their Torment Mark. Any physical wounds they
receive from their Torment Mark take longer to heal, and any mortal wounds they get from their
Torment Mark always lead to death.

(In the case of mercy, a Torment can be saved from death by Yenma or their Torment Mark willingly
healing them.)


Torments take on the mirrored name of their Torment Mark.

Second-gen Torments do not steal Possibilites from others, so they instead are named with a
combination of their parents' names.


Torments are fully compatible with all other Torments, regardless of "apparent species". They are
also compatible with all other Aggressor Demons of Yenma's Legion.

Additionally, Torments are compatible with those of their "apparent species", but do not count as
whatever they've mirrored. This means a "Raveen Kat" Torment is compatible with Raveen Kats, but
is not compatible with Raveen Kat-compatible species.

Torments are
not compatible with their Torment Mark, or descendants of their Torment Mark.
They are also not compatible with Virals or Natural Demons.

Torments are not Fling-applicable.


Torments take on one permanent mate when pairing off outside their species (including when
pairing off with other Yenma Aggressors).

Among pure Torment pairings they have the option to take on one singular mate, or to take on two.
This can be a duo of males with one female, or a duo of females with one male. Those who join up
this way create small groups called Deceits that are limited to three members only.

Torments that take on singular Torment mates (or Yenma Aggressors) create groups called a

Torments that pair off with a non-Torment non-Yenma Aggressor join the Groups of whatever their
mated-species is. (ie; Pride if mate is a RK, Tribe if mate is a Numa, etc.)