images © Alicia Brons
Varishi are © Alicia Brons
                                     Echoes of the Belief Dimension

Varishi are one of the surviving species of the Belief Dimension that can still be found in
high numbers today. Visually they carry the appearance of large bat-eared feline hybirds,
but these forms are just a disguise. Pureblood Varishi are actually dragons, whom have
the ability to shift freely between their smaller forms and their scale-covered dragon ones.

Because current worlds aren't really made for the ease of dragons anymore, Varishi
choose to live in their smaller contained forms.

Pureblood Varishi can access their shifting abilities at any time. Those of mixed blood may
or may not inherit a dragon form - it depends on how strong their Varishi blood is, and what
they've been mixed with.  Those of mixed blood are often pitied by those of pure
bloodlines, because they'll never know the blessing of the dragons.

In the days of the Belief Dimension (before its destruction in the Dimension Wars) the
Varishi were the most common of all Belief Dimensionals. They outnumbered their Raveen
brethren and ruled the lands of dragon-kin. The loss of their home Dimension took a toll on
their society, and the remnants of the Varishi have been living in the Inner Dimension.

While most of their culture has been lost to the ages, they still believe one day that
dragon-kin will return to their world. That one day their Goddess, Yinali, will restore all that
was lost.

Their current culture is a nomadic one, with the Varishi not claiming any areas in the Inner
Dimension as their own. It's left up to the parents of the Varishi to pass on the knowledge
of the past, but the knowledge has been fading between generations.

There are three types of Varishi; the Pure, the Starfalls, and the Dawnrests. The Pure
make up the majority. Starfalls are individuals that are born beneath cosmic events.
They're born with glowing blue-hued wings, and a visible Aura of shadowy stars that trail in
their wake. Those of the Dawnrest are born in the wake of the Eclipse, and marked by
shimmery pale-hues that dance about their Auras, and pale-gold wings.

Varishi have large bat-like ears, and the ability to hear sounds of any frequency. They do
have the ability to see with their eyes, but they see more clearly through sounds.

They can be found in any colouration or pattern, though Varishi tend toward darker hues.
They can have High Magic markings that glow against their fur, whispering a warning of the
magic the Varishi holds, though these Markings are no longer commonplace as the
teachings of the Old Ways has begun to fade.

Pureblood Varishi have long curving blades that grow from their bodies; extending upward
from their necks, shoulders, or sides. These are typically traits they share with their
dragon-form. Varishi of mixed heritage often lack these traits, though they're not looked
down upon for the lacking.

Varishi take on single mates, and mate for life. They create groups called Dreams.

Varishi are compatible with Varishi, Bameizu, Bameizu/Raveen Hybrids, and Raveen Kats -
but with a preference towards Belief Dimensional Raveen Kats.