images © Alicia Brons
Battle Prides © Alicia Brons
Virals are only available in draws once a year.

Virals are Natural Demons that are formless energies, and exist in all
Dimensions. They are unseen watchers, able to see the world around them but
not interact with it (or even fully understand it).

There is one time every year, or two, that a Viral is able to tap into the magics
of the world and take on a physical body. When this happens the Viral copies
traits from two individuals of it's own gender, and takes on a mix of their traits in
it's final form. Virals do not become genetically related to the  individuals they
copy traits from, nor do they share any connection to them beyond the copied

When a Viral takes on a physical body it becomes a pure creature of one of the
ones it's taken traits from. So a Viral that takes a trait from a Raveen Kat and
an Azama Spirit will end up either as a Raveen Kat or an Azama Spirit, and not
both. It becomes that creature fully, and gains enough power that that creature
normally has in order to pass as being that creature.  (example: a Graeph Viral
would take on enough Graeph abilities to pass as a "pure Graeph")

Once they've taken on a physical form, the Viral will lose it's memories of it's
Before. It will vaguely recall having existed before gaining a body, but not have
a complete memory of it.

Virals are always good-natured, as they were created to be formless
protectors/observers, and that bleeds over into their physical form. They can
move through forests/glades/meadows/any vegetation filled area without
making any noise, or being detected by any means. They never lose their
balance or footing. They can see Earthen Spirits, and sense the lifeforce of all
living plants.

A Viral would never reveal what it is to others that are not of it's kind. It was
once a Viral, but once it takes a physical form it becomes the species it's taken
the shape of.  Others that are not Virals would not understand this distinction -
they'd only see the individual as an imposter, a fake.

Virals have eyes made of unblinking stone. It's the only trait that marks them
visibly as being what they are.