Children of the Orcle 2004 - The "First" Whispers of Rekura

Born on the day of this year's Eclipse, the CotO were brought in to the world with only a dance of fire across the sky. For an Eclipse it was peaceful, and oddly beautiful. It was just the right way to welcome the next generation of CotO in to the world.

Cubs born under the Eclipse remained with their parents until they were out of infancy, so for a couple weeks they were with their families, and will remember their given names. It was when they became old enough to survive without aid from their Mothers that the CotO were suddenly taken away by shadowy violet light. There were no clues left behind as to where they were taken, nor anything to prove they hadn't been killed.


The cubs were removed from the main timeline and dropped in to another, a place where mystery was more of a threat than evil. Two main continents existed, connected by a five mile long bridge of sand, and each was the other's opposite. There was Ahrna, a land that not even the light could touch, and Surai, a land that was rich with life. Ahrna is not a replica of any of the current continents in the main timeline.

Ahrna was said to hold the Dishonored and Undead, the greatest threats this timeline had to offer. At one time Ahrna was just as peaceful as Surai, until the Dishonored broke in to the Inner Dimension and corrupted Ahrna. Now the two continents seemed to be a literal symbol of light and darkness, good and evil. Those of Surai never venture in to Ahrna, and those of Ahrna only venture in to Surai when thirsty for blood.

The CotO cubs were dropped on to the divide between both continents, and seemingly given the choice of which path to choose. Being so young the cubs didn't have any prejudices towards good or evil yet, and viewed both lands as equals. It was perhaps only because a Pride on the hunt spotted them that the CotO were taken on to Surai. They were welcomed in to the Warrior's Crest Pride, a large Pride made up of one Elder Pride and many Sub-Prides. The CotO were raised by the large Pride, taught the values of honor and the code by which the Warcrest's lived. They believed that it was only right to kill for food, or the protection of a loved one, and passed those values on to the CotO.

For months the CotO were told stories of the Dishonored, and given reason to fear and avoid Ahrna. It was a place of darkness, a place where evil roamed just as freely as the wind. They were told stories of how the Dishonored came in to the Inner Dimension at the end of the Dimension Wars, of how Orcle's Army nearly destroyed the Demon Dimension (they didn't succeed in this timeline), and how the Demon Dimensionals came in to the Inner Dimension to fight back. They called themselves the Dishonored and began to kill those of the Inner Dimension out of hatred. It was only after thousands died that the Dishonored finally settled down and claimed Ahrna as their own. Over the course of a few months Ahrna was stripped of it's purity and became the place of evil. It was rumored that those killed by the Dishonored even came back from the dead to help their former killers in massacring everyone on Ahrna.

Frightened by the stories the CotO avoided even stepping paw upon the bridge between Ahrna and Surai, opting to live the peaceful and safe life on Surai. It was when the CotO reached teenhood that their peace was shattered. For the curse of the CotO had reached them.

For weeks the CotO were haunted by vivid nightmares, shown glimpses of the past when the Dishonored slaughtered hundreds, and in turn shown how the Inners had slaughtered thousands of the Demon Dimensionals. Each nightmare was so real that the CotO felt they were caught in the battles themselves, and that they had to choose a side. Eventually the nightmares changed, and the CotO each found themselves standing alone in the center of the divide between Ahrna and Surai, with the feeling that they were not alone. Creatures of shadow appeared to some and fought them back to Surai, while creatures of light appeared to the others and forced them in to the darkness of Ahrna. When the CotO awoke from the dream back in Surai they saw they had shadowy wounds just starting to heal from the dream, and were also startled to discover some of their comrades missing.

Those who had been drowned in the darkness, forced in to the confines of Ahrna, awoke to find themselves in the very heart of the dark land. They were not alone, for the Dishonored in the area had stumbled across them during their hunt. Confused and scared some of the CotO tried to run away, with a few managing to escape while the other attempted escapee's were killed. Those who remained in the presence of the Dishonored were shown the darkness, and welcomed in to the grasp of evil.

The CotO back on Surai spent days searching for their missing comrades before finally they spotted a few of them making their way across the divide between Ahrna and Surai. They were uncertain of why their comrades would venture in to such a place, but were glad enough to just have them back. Although they were greatly bothered by the discovery that some of their comrades had been killed, and even more bothered by the knowledge that some had chosen to stay behind.

It was then that Kanjra, an Elder Seer of the Warcrest, came upon the group of CotO and informed them of what had happened. They were told that the Gods had cursed them when they were young, and just before reaching adulthood they would all have to choose a side in the war to come. It was then that they discovered their dreams had been their tests, and those who remained on Surai had become Semi-Gods, while the others had been turned in to Semi-Demons. Yet Kanjra held no prejudice against either of the groupings, telling the CotO that their dreams were only the step towards the ultimate goal.. That in the end it was each individual's choice as to what side they fight for, and whether they had been taken to Ahrna or remained in Surai made no difference in that freedom to choose. Semi-God, or Semi-Demon, it was ultimately their choice what side they fought for. Kanjra told the group that the Semi-Demons who had returned from Ahrna had chosen to fight for the side of light, while those who remained in Ahrna had chosen darkness, and that those Kats were no longer their allies.

Unsure of what to think some of the CotO moved on to the land of Ahrna to get answers from their former comrades. What they found were not the Kats they once called friends, but Kats who had been turned and now embraced the ways of darkness. They were enemies now, and even moved to attack the CotO and drive them out of Ahrna. A couple CotO fell in that battle, but not because the turned Semi-Demons had done them in, but because they had discovered the rumors of Undeads were true. They came face to face with the murdered souls and lost a couple comrades in their struggle to escape.

Returning to Surai the light CotO decided that they would embrace their chosen destinies, that they would fight for the side of light and protect those they were able to. It was perhaps because of their spoken oath to keep darkness from Surai that ultimately caused the residents of Ahrna to finally cross the bridge to Surai once again. There were so many Undeads and Dishonored that the CotO of Surai were greatly outnumbered. They tried to fight back, and their numbers suffered a great loss before they eventually retreated from the coast.

A few days later they returned, only to find that the Warrior's Crest Pride had been massacred. Distraught, and now bloodthirsty, the CotO of Surai hunted down their killers and unleashed power that they didn't even know they had. They let the blood flow, let the screams fill the air, and got bitter vengeance for the fallen. It was, when at last the Dishonored and Undead had almost been forced back to Ahrna, that the CotO of Ahrna appeared and challenged the CotO of Surai. As the two opposing sides were about to face eachother there was a blinding flash of violet light, and the CotO suddenly found themselves in a Valley they had never seen before - Twillight Valley.

It was a place where neither light or darkness ruled, where the waters glowed blue and the trees were a highly reflective silver. Their confusion on the sudden move caused the CotO to never engage in that final battle, as they all now looked upon an unknown land which seemed to beg them not to fight. Curiosity drove the CotO of Ahrna and Surai to obey, and soon they discovered that not only was this Valley new to them, but the land around it had been changed as well. The lands of Ahrna and Surai were gone, and the CotO found themselves now looking upon the land of Orcle's Isle.

And somehow.. They felt this place was where they belonged.

The CotO, now ruled by their own curiosity, set out to discover the mysteries of this new land, to discover why it felt so familiar.....................


Important Notes

The Dishonored who existed on Ahrna were much larger in number than those Dishonored which exist in the main reality. The Demon Dimension hadn't been completely destroyed by Orcle's Army, allowing for some Elements to escape in great numbers. However tragedy did strike the Dishonored upon entering the Inner Dimension, they were ambushed and many were frozen beneath miles of ice. Yet those Dishonored who fell victims to the ice were not the same as those who did in the main reality. The Dishonored who got frozen in Ahrna were actually the Dishonored who aren't frozen in this reality. So the Dishonored who exist here, were frozen in the other timeline. Thus none of the CotO will recognize the Dishonored of this reality, though they will still feel hatred towards them like any CotO. Except for those couple Semi-Demons who sided with the Dishonored, they may have seen the frozen Dishonored of that alternate timeline and recognize these Dishonored.. Plus they won't feel hatred towards them, not at first anyway.

There is no great divide between the Semi-Gods and Semi-Demons, but those Semi-Demons who stayed with the Dishonored are still viewed as traitors by all the other CotO. If there is no mention of your Semi-Demon siding with the Dishonored in it's notes, then it was not one of those traitors.

The CotO were close, and probably view one another as friends/comrades/Kats they can trust, or trusted at one point in certain cases.