Twixt the worlds, vile and pure,
Two in one, where vipers thrive,
I never thought I'd lose it all,
To see the fall, to bring it down,
Orchestrated, complete, and seen,
Where Warriors fall, and Honor lacks,
Death was no beginning, no end,
And upon the blood stained fields,
Washed in the cries of many,
My eyes turned to the east,
And I realized then,
The tragedy
-was letting go.


The night of the most recent Eclipse was a herald of things to come. Of events about to transpire that had, all at once, already happened. A herald of the past and present meeting in a sharp divide that was no longer solid. Like the first WoRs to walk the lands of Elemarenita's soils, it was not Orcle (nor Rekshanuu) who blessed them all. Some would say they were cursed, vile creations of the enemies, and remnants of the evil that now thrived Beyond the Red. Some still looked upon those born under the Eclipse with respect; others like they were the harbringers of death. Cursed, they would call them. Cursed to the end. But what was the truth?

No one could ever seem to agree, and it was perhaps only because a North Guardian was one of these cursed individuals that they learned to accept the Children of Orcle for the Whispers of Rekura that took their place. What they chose to do with their powers and alignments were left up to them; no longer tied to the hate and malice of a Dishonored's soul cursed to live the life of their bane. Nor were they Demons who crawled into an empty vessel. So then, what were they? It was a mystery to any who asked, an unanswered question that not even past generations of WoRs could seem to agree upon. Things were easier when the knowledge was clear cut.

Only time would tell where things would go from here on out. Would it be the side of good that prevailed in the end - or something else? Anyone could shape the future. But alone, no one could change it.

On the day of the latest Eclipse the cubs born beneath the Eclipse of the three moons (cloaked in a red hue, like globs of dripping red), many events transpired. And it was due to these events that certain reactions took place, and those born under the Eclipse were not just born with Elemental Manifestations. No, they were born with something else as well. Something that no one could ever dream understand at this point in time. They could assume things, recognize things, but tie it all together? It would take a truly knowledgeable individual to do such a thing. And even then, was it to be a vile or pure omen?

For one full day the Cubs were at peace with their parents, perfectly safe and well, but exactly 12hrs after the end of the Eclipse things were doomed to change. Taken from the safety and shelter of their homes, the new generation of WoRs were stolen away by tendrils of black energy that seemed to grow from their own shadows, wrapping around them like chains, and pulling them under. Where they were taken, no one could follow.

They would awaken, each of them in different regions (I would go as far as to say they never once crossed each other's paths unless they're twins/siblings, in which case they would have ended up together), of a world long dead. A world that had long since been abandoned to the touch of death, not unlike the Land of the Lost. There was nothing thriving or living in this barren land; no water, no trees that weren't brittle and crumbled beneath one's touch, and no creatures to be seen. There was nothing living, nothing dead. And a single Moon hovered in the permanently dark sky, an Eternal Eclipse.

The stars were always visible in this world, glowing in the dark sky like eternal lanterns lit by an unseen guide. There were always comets blasting across the sky, massive streams of flaming blue hues that ran through the oceans of space, their trails touching the dead lands but causing no harm. Someone could be caught in the trail of these comets, and never once feel anything. It was perhaps by luck, and through the aid of a higher deity, that when someone was within such a world that the need to eat or drink was non-existant. Otherwise starvation would have killed the WoR cubs within days. They would have withered and crumbled away like the trees that barely stood.

While there were no rivers, oceans, or any bodies of water there were areas that would have been a prime area for such things to have existed at one point. Empty landscapes that could have been vast seas, and sudden cliffs that perhaps centuries ago would have led to deep waters. Another blessing, it would seem, that any wounds gained in such a place healed shortly after being received. And if death occured, the individual who died would find themselves healing and reviving an hour later. (So if someone had fallen off a cliffside and died from the impact, they would've been revived and fully healed) But the sensation of being healed was unnatural, a cold touch that seemed to freeze muscles and blood as blue light drifted out of the wounds and stitched them back up. As life was breathed back into a dead body, but with the absence of anything there to offer breath. The world was, quite simply, haunted, by an unseen presence.

It would not be until after a week of being alone in these Lands that any of the cubs would make first contact with the only "life forms" to be found on this dead planet. Raveens, and Raveenesses, who peeled out of thin air like someone detaching from a wall, and appeared like Energies (or 'ghosts') with chains that rose from their forelegs and vanished into the air. They had no identifying marks, each looking exactly the same as the next, lacking any markings or earthly possessions they may have at one time held dear. Now spectrals of a life long lost.

They could speak, but their language and dillect was different than that the cubs might have learned from their parents had they not been taken so young. For days the ghosts had tried to communicate with the cubs, watched over them, and guided them to safe areas void of naturally occuring dangers. When they discovered their language was impossible for the cubs to understand (let alone speak), they gained the knowledge of the language of Elemarenita from within the souls of their charges, and began to converse in a language the cubs could learn. And instead of a parent teaching a cub the basics of survival and speech, it was these spectres who took on the job. Though they gave the cubs names in their language, each time they spoke the name, it may have seemed like they were meaning something (or someone) entirely different than the cub before them. And if asked, they would never once explain it. Eventually they may have given the cubs names in the language of Elemarenita, or they may have avoided such attachments (left up to you to decided whether to let their parents be the ones who named them, or have a name gained from these spectres ^^).

Even though death could not occur in such a realm, the spectres were not ones to ignore the possibility of it. They would have explained to their charges that while death and permanent injury could not occur in Anpva or Eupai, in other worlds it was not such a fleeting thing and one should learn to stay safe. Food and water were briefly explained as things they would need to survive in other worlds, but not properly showcased because in the Lands of the Eternal Eclipse, there is nothing to eat nor drink. They would have taught the cubs how to speak the language of Elemarenita, and the cubs would have remained with the spectres as their Guardians for two months. (so that is to say, these cubs while only technically a few days old, have in fact already lived and learned things for nearly two months).

The spectres would never speak of their past, although they might have elluded to having thrived in the Lands of Anpva and Eupai long before it was lead to discourse. Though they would never further explain that, nor would they explain why there was an Eternal Eclipse in such Lands. A permanent bond between light and dark.

As the days went on, the spectres slowly grew more silent. Only offering their aid when it was needed, and when the need to teach the cubs something new was present. They could not fight, but the spectres could at least explain the need to be able to protect one's self against trouble, and may have even taught the cubs a bit about their powers (but they're still cubs, and let's face it, cubs aren't that great when it comes to control ;) ) But knowledge was the only thing the spectres could really pass on.

"It is the beginning, that is the first and last stop you must return." Would be something the spectres would say to their young charges, exactly 12hrs before they would forever depart.

It was almost two full months later that the spectres would suddenly leave their charges, in much the same way as they had appeared, with no reason given as to why they had to leave. And it would be two days later that the WoR cubs would be drawn away from the Land of the Eternal Eclipse by their own shadows; and returned to the areas where they were originally taken from. Returned home only a day after they were taken, but considerably older than a day's time.

You will probably notice something about these Symbols (perhaps you've even seen them before now), but they are part of a mystery that right now no one has begun to uncover. Rest assured, they are important ^_~

If you want translations on any of the names next to your Symbol, for it would have been the name the Spectres used for their charges, just let me know.


Unlike the previous generation of WoRs, these guys will already have the knowledge of the true name of their Inner Guardians - that they're called "IriKan", which translates to "inner power" or "eternal guide". Note that during their stay in the Land of the Eternal Eclipse, the IriKan were not active - in fact, they were decidedly silent and seemingly not there at all. But upon returning to the RK world, the IriKans would be there as if they never left. No longer silent, but somehow not startling their bondeds in the least - as if internally they had always been there, always heard, but not actively acknowledged for some reason.

IriKan are dependant on the powers and alignments of their Bondeds for their own powers, so right now the IriKan are young just like their bondeds and nowhere near their full potential. Please note that IriKan can only manifest in the physical world when their bonded is in Mortal Danger, Extremely Angry/desiring to cause great harm, or Extremely Upset/desiring to protect something/someone.

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