I looked upon that horizon,
Bleak as the darkness within my mind,
With only a whisper of light.
Fading, fading, barely visible against the dawn,
Stood a figure unlike any I had ever seen,
Or would ever see again.
Wings like my forefathers, twisted, and bent.
Broken and falling apart,
She was a broken illusion,
The last tendril of hope for escape.
To take us away from here,
Before that darkness evermore.
I turned to her, my hope already broken,
And saw only myself in her reflection.
"The hardest thing," she whispered,
I strained to hear,
her voice so fragile against the black,
As she said with such sadness I could not conceive;
"Is to forget."
There comes a time, once every odd year, when the Eclipse happens. When the damaged
moons, forever bleeding red, eclipse each other. But the Eclipse has never been
right since the day Rekura damaged one of the moons, destroying it's gravitational
pull and throwing it into the orbital pathways of the other two Moons. They now
dance an eternal dance of luck; for it's only a matter of time until one Eclipse
would spell complete disaster for Yi, Na and Li.  

Their eternal strife, these damaged moons, is now stained upon those born beneath
their shadowed forms. They would be, forevermore, labelled as Whispers of Rekura -
reminders of how things would never be the same as they once were.

For some it was a mild matter. They didn't remember it as anything different.
And for some....
Memories were important.
For others....

Memories didn't exist.
Born like any other modern day WoR, these cubs share the birth date of the Eclipse.
An event which in the current time line was viewed as an Ill Omen, because
something unusual always seemed to happen to the cubs born that day. Something
which was only made more twisted when, with each Eclipse, the cubs seemed destined
to be taken to places elsewhere.

It was anyone's guess as to where they were taken.
Anyone's guess as to whom had taken them.
And everyone's worry as to Why.

The youngest generation, born to this last Eclipse, were destined to be no
different. Taken from their parents only hours after their birth, they disappeared
in a gaping jaw of shadowy tendrils and glittering violet stars.

Yet what happened next was made to be the most bizarre of all.
For the cubs were returned, only a few hours later, older than when they had left.
Returned in much the same way they had been taken; with 'jaws' snapping open and
depositing the cub WoRs back where they were taken from.

With no memories as to where they'd been, with Elemental Mutations that were both a
blessing and curse to the WoR, and looking at least two months older than they
rightfully should have.

Whatever had happened to them, they were made to forget. But there are things that
sometimes cannot be forgotten, and sometimes nightmares can awaken the lost
memories of a time now missing. Of a place where nothing was what it seemed, and
shadows and pain lurked in distant areas.

In those moments between the waking and sleeping, one might remember the voice of
female, whispering to them softly;

"Hold on, we're getting out of here."

The Whispers of Rekura born this year were, like the previous WoR Year, born with
Symbols upon their bodies. These Symbols do hold meanings, and it may be possible
the cubs themselves were once aware of what they stood for - but now that knowledge
seems lost. A mystery waiting to be solved, when the right time arrives, or when
someone goes looking for it.

Strangely, the cubs would be knowledgeable of one thing about their Symbols.
And that was that they weren't Active.

Strangely, just like their IriKan, who they were aware of having, yet no longer

For something happened to them which caused their Symbols to turn dormant, and for
those comforting Inner Guardians to fall into a deep slumber. Whatever it was, one
can assume it has to do with why the WoRs have no memory of what happened to them.

The Symbols they carry with them are forever bound to each individual WoR, with the
only exception being those of Twins whom share the same Symbol. Each Symbol has
it's own Alignment, which is connected to the IriKan in some manner, but until the
IriKan is awakened one cannot really tell what "Vile", "Halfling" or "Pure" might
entail ^_~