There wouldn't be a moment that would pass me by;
Not now, not ever again.
I look to the event with anticipation;
A sense of victory washing over me;
This time, I knew, it would be right.

"How many times?" He still doubts.

I answer with a hollow chuckle;
A caress of wind, a decaying flower;
They'd be scattered soon.
"As many as it takes," remains my only answer.

Together, we remain, cursed;
Shells, empty, hollow;
Strewn on the ash fields.
Each breathe a burning gasp;
Faltering, wavering;
I remain at my weakest point -
He at his strongest
But together -
Not another moment will we let pass.
Burning in the ember fields of eternity; this information remains locked until
the coming of the Whispers.
X'ysahtu | Reavia'et

Different worlds, and different walks of life. The Whispers would become who
they are through the trials of their paths. Separated by distance, but sharing
the same birth world, they would never meet the others until the day they
returned 'home'.

But 'home', after all this, would never be quite the same place.
To walk in one world, but come from another, is a distant and lonely course.
Taken on the day of the Eclipse by portals that appeared and
ripped them away from their birth families, these Whispers
of Rekura were tossed into chaos. Into the ashen fields that
divided X'ysahtu and Reavia'et, where they were forced to
make a choice they were too young to understand; which path
to walk.

Which life to choose.

There were those who ended up on X'ysahtu, on the planet
brimming with life and playing host to a populace of
sentient spirits.

There were those who were lured onto Reavia'et, to the
planet that had fallen to the hive.

For three years they remained on these planets, separated
from each other and unaware of those who existed on the
other planets. They grew up, changed and molded by their
surroundings, unknowing of the Inner Dimension or the worlds
they were meant to grow up on. All they knew was X'ysahtu or
Reavia'et. All they knew were the makeshift families they
had been given.

For them, this was life. And it was normal.

There was no questioning their upbringing because they never
knew anything else. Not until that day, three years after
their arrival, when the portals reappeared in the ashen
field and tossed them back to the place they'd been taken

Uprooted from the only lives - the only family - they had
Brought back to places more alien to them than the worlds
they grew up on.

The displacement is sure to be a disorienting and harrowing
Infomation on the individual planets can be found by clicking on the names of the planets above.
Individual notes can be found in the emails sent to you for the Whispers of Rekuras.

While these WoRs do have IriKan, much like the year before them, they are locked away. Hidden,
concealed, maybe not even completely there anymore. They carry the Symbols, but the power tied to
it is broken, a remnant of energies and broken bonds that permanently marks them.

If there is a way to reawaken the IriKan of these WoRs, they have not yet discovered it.
Questions / Answers specific to the 2009 WoRs;

Q: My RK grew up on X'ysahtu/Reavia'et will it know the Kats from the other planet?
A: No, it will not. Although if they do meet now, they'll know they were from those planets and
possibly see each other as 'threats' or 'dangerous individuals'. Those of Reavia'et grew up knowing
those of X'ysahtu as tyrants responsible for the destruction of the surface world; while those of
X'ysahtu grew up knowing those from Reavia'et as infected individuals.

Q: Do we have to keep the names given to them by the Spirits/Hive?
A: Nope, you don't have to. These names were what they've had for the past three years, though, so
it's what the others who grew up with them will know them as.

Q: Will they remember their parents?
A: Not likely.

Q: Can we unlock the IriKan?
A: I'd imagine in some way, at some time, yes. ;)

Q: So those of X'ysahtu can't cause harm to the world/earth/water/etc with their mutation,
and can't hurt those of their group/Spirits but can still harm themselves and other Kats?
A: Yes, that's correct. The Spirit-bond makes it so the harmful properties of the mutations are
harmless to nature, and others who have Spirits within them -- this even includes the Azama and
Coraz Spirits found in the Inner Dimension, or any other creatures who have an earth spirit living
within them.

Q: With Reavia'et, the parasites keep the mutations from harming other members of the
Hive -- does this mean those of the Hive, no matter their mutation, would be compatible
with one another?
A: Yes, provided the other is also of the Hive, their mutations will not be harmful to eachother and it's
likely the parasite will be passed on completely to any younglings -- providing protection to said
youngling from any mutation it may inherit.

Q: On that note, are those of X'ysahtu compatible with each other as well?
A: Yep. They are. ;)

Q: They were on these planets for Three Years. Can we come up with shared histories
with others who have RKs from the same planet as we do?
A: If you'd like to, feel free to do so. They were with one another for three years, so it's likely they've
created bonds and had adventures with each other. If you're unsure about something, feel free to
ask :)

Q: It was Three Years for these WoRs, but was it three years for their parents too?
A: No. Three years for the WoRs, but only a couple months have passed by in the Inner Dimension
during this time.

Reavia'et Specific:

Q: WoRs of Reavia'et are emotionless, unable to taste and feel, right? So they're basically
A: No, no, not at all. The Hive Mind stripped them of their individuality in the sense that what one
"feels" or "tastes" is voided out by the Hive Mind itself not feeling/tasting what that individual does.
Think of it sort of like a "network" of processors, where when one glitches out the other ones keep
working perfectly; not feeling or acknowledging the glitch the one felt. When connected to a Hive
Mind, everythng is processed by many minds and not just one. So the emotions are shared between
the "network", and individual feelings are not "felt" as anything more than passing "data" that is not
viewed as important to the health/welfare of the hive.

Now that they've been removed from the much, much, larger Hive Mind they'll just be left with the
Hive Mind connecting them to the other WoRs of their group. So now they've gone from a "network"
of hundreds of minds to a network of only eleven "processors". They'll now begin to actually feel,
and marginally taste, things that they didn't before because there aren't that many minds to "numb"
the "data".  Some individuals of Reavia'et will see this as an advancement of their "new Hive", others
may see it as a weakness they wish to rid themselves of, and may try to find ways to grow their Hive
Mind quickly.

Q: Can they pass the parasite on to their offspring?
A: Females can if they pair up with individuals outside of their 'Hive' (although, such a pair-up isn't
likely to be a lasting one, and might only be used to grow the Hive, with no 'love' or 'emotion'
involved in the temporary pair-up),   while males can only pass it on if they pair-up with others from
Reavia'et. They will likely wish to grow their Hive, because a smaller Hive Mind isn't as
powerful/strong as a larger one.

X'ysahtu Specific:

Q: Can they communicate with the earth spirits that have bonded to them?
A: Not really, no. The spirit has bonded to them completely, to the point where the line between the
WoR and the Spirit is no longer there. They're one in the same now.

Q: How would an Azama/Coraz view these individuals?
A: Probably as "smart, intelligent, more trustworthy" versions of Raveens. The WoRs from X'ysahtu
are, after all, much like the Azamas in their beliefs and respect for nature. They'll probably get along
well, and it's likely those from X'ysahtu will find the Azama culture comforting in it's similar views.