"You would think by now we'd have learnt the
lesson. But it seems the wounds of the past
never fully heal. We keep picking at the
scabs, and with each Eclipse, let them bleed

"Continiously making the same mistakes."

"That and more. I wonder, when the end
comes for us, will we regret these mistakes or
regret labelling them as such?"

"As if they'd be anything other than regrets

"One day, let's hope we do not look back on
our decisions, and wish we'd gone down a
different path."

"We've chosen our steps carefully, haven't

"Not so carefully as we'd like. There's more
than just Demons and Gods in the world now."
~ "Welcome to our game." ~
The Eclipse took place as it usually does; an occurrence that some see as a reason to fight, avoid, or simply
observe quietly. It starts with the Moons slowly converging, overlapping, and setting the world into a wash of red light
for one full day. But this is not the event that causes worry - truly, an Eclipse could pass without much fanfare if it
were not for the cubs born this day.

For with every Eclipse, all cubs born beneath it's red light, are taken to worlds unknown. Abducted from their
families only hours after being born. To not be seen again until whatever held them captive decides to let go.

For the parents of the young it is a frightening event.

For the young, they never knew it was unusual.
Memories of how it started are elusive to hold onto. The first few months of appearing on a different world might
have been disorienting, but none of them remember those days. They do not truly recall ever meeting the two
Powers of the world of  Venasar'a, but it feels as if they have known them forever.

There were ten WoRs born beneath the Eclipse.
Five were taken by Vy-ceil.
Five were taken by Nsarh.

On a world where a Shade and an Eternal have been imprisoned for millenniums, neither group was truly saved.

Placed into a game that has been ongoing for as long as the two powers have been there, the WoRs were turned
into combatants to partake in the challenges Vy-ceil and Nsarh set against one another. Some challenges were
mild -- collect an object, don't let the other team kill you. Others were more sinister -- battles to the death were not

With the power to resurrect the dead, Vy-ceil and Nsarh always brought heir combatants back from a botched
challenge. Death was never the end, and the Whispers were never allowed to quit the game.

None of them left the world unscathed, for indeed, sharing such close quarters with a Shade unhinges the mind,
and dying multiple times leaves scars on even the strongest of wills.

For those under the care of Vy-ceil,  mayhem and destruction were commonplace. They grew up trained to
believe that mercy was weakness, and not being able to finish a task was unacceptable. When it came to allies
they tolerated their kin, but rarely went out of their ways to save the lives of their teammates while in battle. Vy-ceil
passed on much of her cruel nature to those WoRs she took under her wing, and she delighted each time they
came back covered in blood.

For the others, being raised by Nsarh was not much better. The Eternal had been corrupted over the centuries
due to Vy-Ceil's Shade Aura having taken over the world of Venasar'a. While he brought up his champions to
work as a team, he also had moments of insanity where he'd send them into suicidal missions just for the
entertainment. Due to the instability of their upbringer, those of Nsarh's side grew closer, seeing each other as
more of a family than just combatants wearing the same colours.

The two sides never met outside of the battles. Kept on separate islands, they only ever knew the others as
enemies and never anything more.

Those brought up by Vy-ceil wore purple, black and gold adornments. While those led by Nsarh wore green,
brown, and gold. But the visual markers were never truly needed to tell the teams apart, as one could simply tell
from their natures and who was familiar - versus who was not - which side they fought for.

The common traits they all shared was that their Elemental Manifestations were stable and their IriKans were
given separate material form. A Whisper and a IriKan always share a mental connection, and it is sometimes
through this that a WoR could influence the nature of their own IriKan. In battle the IriKans were used to help in
the fight, and by channeling their emotions through them a WoR could cause their IriKan to increase in both
power and size.

While their eyes all glowed an eerie red, those touched by Vy-ceil had a violet hue to the tops of their eyes and
black facial scars that would forever set them apart.

After many long years of constant participation in a battle that would never end, the WoRs vanished from the
world of Venasar'a and reappeared in the world they had been taken from.

A world where the game between Vy-ceil and Nsarh did not exist.
Venasar'a was a desolate world, ravaged by a war long over and left isolated at the end of it. A Shade was bound to
the world with unspeakable magics and it is here that she has been trapped for millenniums. The Eternal avatar of
the world - Nsarh - was equally imprisoned.

Once there had been sentient life upon Venasar'a, but through the generations it has died off and now all that
remain on the world's surface are creatures ravished by Shade Corruption and insanity. There are feline creatures
here that look like mockeries of Raveen Kats; shaggy rotten fur, barely visible markings, and eyes that do not carry
an ounce of intelligence. Purely feral creatures, they were fodder in the battles between Vy-ceil and Nsarh.

The environment of the world was never a guarantee from one day to the next. Ever shifting, Venasar'a could be a
desert of snow one day, and a tropical hell the next. The only constant were the islands were the Whispers were kept.

Vy-ceil lived upon the island of Vy-kilh, a black land mass covered in thickly net trees and sparse open areas. The
Whispers of her order lived here, sleeping in the caves at night, and hunting the prey animals of the forests during
the day. The rivers had a constant violet hue to their depths, and the dwindling wildlife never put up much of a
challenge. An eternal darkness seemed to hang over the island at all times, and one could never truly tell the
difference between the shadows and light.

Nsarh kept residence on a nameless island were the grounds were kept lush and alive. As if trying to hang on to an
almost forgotten memory, Nsarh would constantly keep improving the island's living conditions. Trees, meadows,
rivers, and wildlife were abundant here. It was a haven for those who could call it home. A place where the game did
not matter, and where Nsarh seemed most at peace and less inclined at lashing out.

The islands were not  accessible by those not overseen by the power that owned the land. Attempting to enter the
islands when not welcomed there often resulted in an immediate death, and a revival back on the island where they
were meant to be.

Neither Vy-ceil nor Nsarh were inclined to tell stories of their past. For them all that mattered now was the game, and
being the victor of it.  But from snippets that may have dropped here and there, the Whispers may have been able
to have a basic understanding of it.


Once there was a world named Venasar'a.
It was a part of a great legion of planets, all different and vast.
Then a war came that ended with no victor, and Venasar'a became a prison.
Once there may have been great temples and cultures upon the land of Venasar'a,
but it has been long washed away by time and change.

Left to rot, Vy-ceil and Nsarh had been abandoned by their own allies.
Still trying to win a battle that ended without them.