"The light had faded,
but all was not lost."
"They were Raveen, like you. Only much, much, more
advanced. I called them friends, but they had to leave me
images and content © Alicia Brons
They were not the only Raveen on the planet. There was one who
remained, who found them when they were cubs, and helped them to
survive in the harsh world of Arkuras. His name was Luuntao, and he'd
been on Arkuras since it's beginning, and he would be there till it's end.

"This world and I are the same. As long as it lives, I will as well."

The Eternal Kat was soft-spoken, but focused. Keeping the Sensors
thriving was his only goal until the WoRs arrived - then it became his goal
to keep them alive.

Luuntao taught them how to survive in the world, how to use the Sensors,
and kept them away from the dangers of the Swarm. As they grew older
he allowed them to wander on their own - trusting them to keep
themselves alive.

Unfortunately, Arkuras was an unforgiving world, and the it took the lives
of a number of WoRs. Luuntao, sick with guilt, began to keep a closer
eye on the adult WoRs, but was never able to keep them completely
safe. Especially from each other.

When the WoRs returned to their own world,
three years had passed for
them. They returned fully grown.
The Swarm was a massive hive of insects that had grown out of control.

Originally created to help maintain the plants that had once covered
Arkuras, they mutated in unexpected ways. They became larger than
intended, and their hunger grew out of control. They began to eat
everything, and left nothing behind in their wake.

In a matter of months, Arkuras had been reduced from a garden world
to a ravaged desert.

The Swarm still thrives; having adapted to eat energies, and they've set
their appetites on the Towers that hold the energies of Arkuras. It will
only be a matter of years until they've devoured the energies, and killed
the planet and surrounding stars entirely.

The WoRs would've been seen as food by these hulking insects. Any
unlucky enough to approach a Swarm would not return to tell the tale.
The planet was called Arkuras. Originally inhabited by a very tech-advanced
species, it had once been a thriving garden of towering plantlife. When it had
been inhabited, the Arkurasans built massive Towers they used to pull the
energy of the stars into Arkuras itself; creating a humming energy beneath the
world's surface that kept the world above alive without the necessity of a sun or

It had the unexpected result of causing the plantlife to grow uncontrollably. The
Arkurasans were forced to create a species of insects to regain control of the
plants, but they - the Swarm - became another unforeseen mistake. They
ravaged the world, leaving it in ruin, and the Arkurasans were forced to leave
or become food to their own creations.

The Towers remained, and so too did the robotic Sensor units that kept them
operational. Arkuras became a world where life only existed in the Swarm and
the Sensors.
(above) The Sensors.
(above) Luuntao.
On the day of the Eclipse those born beneath the cursed
moons were taken away in a mechanic whirl of light.  They were
teleported into a world very different from the one they were
born into.


A world cursed by mistakes, and inhabited by the things left
behind. It was a hot, humid, world covered in orange sands and
blue waters. Always humming with the static of energy, it was a
world that felt alive even when it was long abandoned.

The WoRs were lucky to be found by the only surviving Raveen
left. He took them under his wing, and raised them as best he
could. Arkuras was not a world forgiving of youth, and it had
been so long since the young had wandered the sands.

"To survive, you will need to do exactly as I teach you. You will
need to work with this world, or it will let you die."

Arkuras had no prey animals left on it. Though there was water,
there were no fish or other lifeforms to eat. In order to survive,
the WoRs were altered and given devices that let them siphon
energies from the Towers that were built all over the world.

They were also given Sensors - small pieces of tech that were
bonded to them and acted as translators and guides.

"You have everything you need to survive. Avoid the Swarm,
and keep alive. One day, you'll leave here. It's up to you to
survive until that day arrives."
(above) size comparison
between a Swarm insect
and a grown Raveen
(with a quirky sense of humour,
Luuntao had given names to the
WoRs that were either types of
rocks, crops, or trees. Since most
of the WoRs didn't know their
original birth names, they were
often stuck with these names.)
(Sensors are mechanical in
nature, and have the illusion of
personality. They communicate
through whirls and clicks - but
have the capability of speech.
Their primary operation is to
keep watch over the Towers, but
some have been re-purposed
into guides for the WoRs.)
The Whispers of Rekura who existed on Arkuras were:

The Survivors;
"Nettle" - female Flower Kat
"Taro" - female Bone Kat
"Citrine" - female Sun Kat
"Okra" - female Explosive Kat
"Pitch" - male Gloom Kat
"Maize" - male Moon Kat

"Kumara" - female Robotic Kat
"Elm" - male Snow Kat

"Quartz" - male Star Kat
"Sassafras" - female Evil Kat
"Kyanite" - male Water Kat
"Prasiolite" - male Insect Kat
"Mica" - female Dream
"Henbane" - female Jinx Kat

The Fallen;
Chokos - female Chime Kat. Went missing in a sandstorm, believed to have been buried alive.
Granite - female Nightmare Kat. Killed by the Swarm.
Birch - male Sand Kat. Incinerated by a Tower.
Pear - female Cloud Kat. Killed by the Swarm.
Arborvitae - male Wind Kat. Killed by the Swarm.
Balsam - male Plant Kat. Froze to death.
Agate - female Magic Kat. Drowned.
Heliodor - female Light Kat. Killed under mysterious circumstances.
Larch - male Wreath. Accidental death.