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"Without Antares, we'd all be dead. So you better
hope nothing ever happens to him. Otherwise
you see that nice red Border keeping us safe?
Yeah, it'll be gone.."
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Name: Antares
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Pure
Rank: Angelic

The leader of the Angelics, Antares is a gentle soul who detests
wars. When the news of the Shades' arrival in the Inner Dimension
first reached him, he hadn't wanted to help. In his mind the war
brewing between the Dimensions and the Shades wasn't his to
interfere with. And, claiming to know exactly what the Shades are,
refused to fight against them.

But even though he refused to aid the Alliance in battle, Antares did
concede that he didn't want to see an entire race of species wiped
out by the Shades. So he offered to erect a barrier (The Border) to
keep them safe within an area untainted by the Shades. But that's all
he, and his Angelics, would do.