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"Just don't piss him off. Sakuten's the type who
wasn't born with a sense of humour. He'd sooner
cut you in two than give you another chance."
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Name: Sakuten (Sa-Coo-Ten)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Pure
Rank: Angelic General

One of only a few Angelics who has a thirst for warfare, Sakuten is
the one in charge of training Angelics in the battle arts. He is also the
one responsible for overseeing the training of any non-Angelics who
pass the test to gain battle knowledge from them.

Sakuten claims that, back in the days before Dimensions became
important, that the Angelics were created to be defenders. But along
the way, they were betrayed, and refused to fight for anymore
falsities. They now only fight when it is to protect one of their own.

It is believed that back before the Shades were sealed away the first
time, Sakuten was in a relationship with the Shade Lacerta, and that
they bore a Halfling son (Toruuketsu).