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"Hide all your valuables, Suugati's closeby."
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Name: Suugati (Suu-gah-tee)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Pure
Rank: WoR Angelic

Suugati is known most for his kleptomaniac ways. He'll steal anything
just to prove that he can, then give back whatever he's taken.

While it is believed that he is the son of Sakuten, there is also the
rumour that Suugati isn't Sakuten's son but is instead Toruuketsu's
son -- making Sakuten his Grandfather. But nothing of this can be
proven, and most just assume that Sakuten is in fact Suugati's father.

He was born under the Eclipse (2007), and is rumoured to be a
Whisper of Rekura.