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"They could save us from the wars. From the
death and fear that the Shades have wrought us.
Instead they just protect us."
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Angelics can be found in any and every Dimension if one looks
close enough. They are said to be the first creations of the Gods,
the ones who existed before the rise of Elemental Definitions. In
the Inner Dimension they are simply called "the Angelics".

Before the war broke out, the Angelics lived in a realm only
accessible through a serpent's eye (island) found in the
Forbidden Lands. They were isolated from the rest of the Inner
Dimension by their own self-exile.

They are allies. The greatest, and most useful, of them all.
Without the Angelics -- without Antares -- the Valleys and the
Border would not exist, and the Inner Dimension would be
nothing more than rubble and ruin.