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"If you come across an Angelic with a white
body, smoking face-markings, and only three
legs -- don't expect him to help you in anyway.
That's Luuthos, and he doesn't do help."
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Name: Luuthos (Luu-Thos)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Pure
Rank: None

A bitter and jaded Angelic, Luuthos still fails to see any reason for
the Angelics protecting the Raveens from the Shades. He'd rather
leave them to rot on their own, but knows his place well enough to
not question Antares' decisions.

Luuthos only has three legs. If what's known about him is true, then
that fourth leg was actually severed off thanks to a Raveen. It could
explain Luuthos' resentment towards the species.