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"No one knows where they came from, just that
the moment they arrived they began to take over
everything. Even free will."
Click on a Shades name located to the left to find more
information on the Dimension's greatest threats.
The Shades arrived in our world long before the records began.
Not even the library found within the Western Gate can provide
us with the information we so greatly desire to know. All we do
know about them is hearsay, or things learned through first
hand experience with them.

Rumours, and unproven stories, say that the Shades were once
cast away from the Dimensions - locked away in a pocket realm
where it was hoped they would never return from. For centuries
they remained locked away, until the day when The Great Evil
(Neiarishta) began to tamper with the magics the Shades had
left behind in the Inner Dimension. She created Shade Warriors
with the use of her own powers, seeking to create stronger
weapons than her own Generals (The Seven) had been.

Somehow through finding the means to create these warriors,
The Great Evil allowed a doorway to open from the Inner
Dimension into the Shades' prison realm. They used this as an
opportunity to escape, sending the boundaries of the God
Temple (The Land of the Lost) into the pocket realm while the
dwellings of the Shades exchanged places with it.

Ever since, the Shades have been free within the Inner

We know they have Auras that are worse than the Death
Demon's (Yamakuru) fear taint. To get to close to a Shade is to
wish for death, or desertion, of the values one previously serves.
For their Auras can twist and corrupt, and the prisoners they
take have no recollection of who they once were. For the Shades
take the fallen warriors, twist them, and turn them into their
Shade Warriors.

Shade Warriors can be hurt by silver. Shades themselves seem
immune. The only thing we do know is that Spirit Essence
(Korathu) can cause them some harm; but nothing more than a
mere distraction.

Battle with a Shade is reckless, suicidal. The best thing to do
when confronted with a Shade is run -- and hope you're fast
enough to get away.