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"Don't worry, unless you're strong and male,
Lacerta's just going to kill you outright.."
Name: Lacerta (LA-CER-TA)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Evil
Rank: Shade Queen

Lacerta, a beautiful and flirtatious Shade. In the beginning of the
Shades arrival in the Inner Dimension, Lacerta was responsible for
the deaths of many Raveens. She lured them in with her charm,
before either killing them herself or allowing her lover-of-the-moment
to get his paws dirty for her.

From what is known of Lacerta, she is a power-loving leech of a
female who will attach herself to whomever has the most power at
the time. It is believed that at one time Lacerta was intimate with
Antuugares until his death, and that she had a Halfling son
(Toruuketsu) with an Angelic (Sakuten).

The brief sightings of Lacerta beyond the Border have led others to
believe that, for now, she is in a relationship with the Shade Ba-Kul.