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"She made it through once. Stole the guise of a
Guardian she killed and nearly brought down the
rest of them before we knew better. A Shade like
that... doesn't she scare you?"
Name: Shuzakesarii (SHUU-ZA-KEY-SAWREE)
Origins: Unknown
Morality: Unknown
Rank: None

A sadistic Shade who changes her name constantly. Shuzakesarii is
known for taking on aspects of those she kills; including bits and
pieces of their name and identity. When the first border fell,
Shuzakesarii took on the guise of a newly dead East Guardian
(Aluka) and nearly made it all the way to the Guardian's Peaks
before someone discovered her.

Her intentions that time are unknown, but one can assume she hadn't
been seeking to simply say a greeting to the Guardian's Council.

When the new Border was created, Shuzakesarii was forced back
into the shade lands. She has since promised to find other ways back

After the more recent fall of the Void Expanse when a Shade did find
a way to get past the Border, many believe it was Shuzakesarii
behind it all.