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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Air Types.

Air -
*Tornadoe: Can call forth a tornadoe.
Seclusion: Ability to 'take' all the air away from the target, making it impossible for the target to breath.
Air's Fury: Can summon a flock of clear air pheonixs which can call forth tornadoes and gusts of wind.

Wind -
*Wind's Calling: Can call forth a 'wave' of wind which is powerful enough to pull ten trees out of the ground by the root, or send the target flying miles away.
Falling Wind: Can cause the 'sky' to fall, pushing the target into the ground and rendering them immovable. This ability can easily crush bones.
Wind of the South: Calls forth a huge storm of wind. This wind is usually cold and ends up freezing the target for up to 2hrs.
Cloud -
*Cloud Cover: The area is instantly covered in clouds, making sight useless.
Cloud Wave: Summons a white wave which electrocutes everything it touches, results in paralyzing the target.
Cloud Dragon: Summons a 100ft cloud dragon. This dragon is powerful enough to easily stop a Kat dead in it's tracks. The dragon can take damage but will not stop until the summoner wishes it to.
Sky -
*Whirlwind: Calls forth a gust of wind which is powerful enough to move an adult Raveen Kat wherever the user wishes.
Clashing Sky: Creates a storm of whirlwinds. Each whirlwind is strong enough to move ten adult Raveen Kats miles away, or easily crush bones.
Falling Sky: Causes the sky to fall upon the target, instantly crushing and paralyzing it. 

SunSet -
*Setting Sun: Calls forth spheres of fire which explode into flames upon contact with the target.
Sun's Vision: Renders the target instantly blind. While the target is blind it's body is covered in flames. The flames will not go away, even if the target jumps into water. Only the user can stop this ability.
The Sun's Call: A wave of fire spheres, followed by a fiery wave of destruction which renders living things paralyzed and completely destroys nonliving things.

Dusk -
*Meteor Shower: Calls forth a shower of meteors. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Dusk: Instantly makes the area dark and makes the user invisible. Illusions cannot use this ability.
The Hunt: Causes dusk to come, along with a pack of nocturnal hounds which are immune to Raveen Kat abilities. The hounds are able to turn invisible. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Rainbow -
*Rainbow Enchant: Calls forth a rainbow shield. The shield can block -any- physical attack and -most- abilities. Mist abilities cannot be blocked by this.
Rainbow Wave: Sends a rainbow wave at the target. The wave incages anything it touches in  rainbow crystal. The crystal drains the target's energy while it's trapped inside.
Bow of Rain: A wave of acid arrows, these arrows explode on contact with the target and instantly start draining the target's energy while burning through it's flesh.


Toxen -
*Toxic Cloud: A cloud of poisonous gas surrounds the target, suffocating it and poisoning it. The poison will kill the target within 20mins, unless the user decides to spare it's life.
Wave of Deceit: A wave of poisonous gas is sent at the target. The poisonous gas paralyzes anything it touches, and poisons the target. The poison will kill the target within 1hr.
Toxic Hell: An explosion of poison gas which turns the ground into toxic waste. The toxic waste is like lava, it will melt anything it touches. The poisonous gas will paralyze anything that breathes it in.
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