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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Fire Types.

Fire -
*Fire Paw: The user's front paws turn into flames.
Fire Wave: Sends a wave of fire at the target.
Fire Storm: A storm of fire falls upon the target, an ultimate ability.

Ash -
*Ash Paw: Simillar to fire paw except the users paw does not turn to flames, anything the user touches will turn to flames.
Ash Wave: A wave of ash which explodes when it hits the target.
Fire Enclosure: The target is trapped entirely in flames.

Smoke -
*Smoke Burn: A cloud of smoke which burns the target.
Smoke Cover: The user becomes hidden in smoke.
Fire Flash: A blinding wave of light followed by a wave of fire and burning smoke.

*Steam Wave: Ability to create a wave of steam which burns anything it touches.
Steam Explosion: Creates an explosion wherever the user desires. The explosion causes steam to be created. The steam will burn and boil anything it touches.
Steam Rogues: Summons a flock of steam eagles. The eagles will attack the target and not back off until the user desires. The eagles can burn anything they touch.

Blue Fire -
*Blue Wave: Creates a wave of blue fire which covers anything it touches in a layer of ice.
Firey Wall: Creates a wall of blue fire which freezes anything that touches it.
Firey Rooks: Ability to summon a flock of crows that are made of blue fire. The crows will not back off until the user desires and can freeze anything they touch.

Heat -
*Raised:  Can raise the heat inside the target, making it's blood boil.
Temperature Paw: The user's paws become hotter then lava, allowing them to burn and melt anything they touch.
Heat Wave: Ability to create a wave of immense heat which can instantly render the target unconcious, or even dead.

*Dragon's Inferno: Ability to call forth a wave of fire which is powerful enough to cover an entire planet. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Lava Turn: Can turn the ground beneath the target into lava, instantly melting it. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Lava Outburst: Creates an explosion of lava wherever the user desires. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Light -
*Light Cloak: The users turns into light. Or rather the user becomes covered in a veil of blinding light.
Light Wave: Sends a wave of blinding light at the target. Will blind the target for 10 minutes.
Light's Invincibility: The user is covered in a veil of light which fully heals the user, or the target if the user desires.

Dark -
*Dark Cloak: Covers up to one mile in utter darkness. When the darkness is up no light can be created at all, nor can any be seen.
Dark Wave: Sends a wave of darkness at the target, blinding them for up to 20 minutes.
Dark's Invincibility: The user is covered in a veil of darkness which fully heals the user, or causes  great pain for the target. Instant wounds would appear on the target.

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