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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Earth Types.

Earth -
*Quake: Can make the ground beneath the target shake and crack.
Ground Slide: Ability to make the ground cave in.
Tunnel: Can instantly make an underground tunnel.
Rock -
*Rock Slide: Can cause an avalanche of rocks.
Rock Wall: A wall of rock emerges from the ground.
Stone Cover: The fur of the user turns to stone.
Crystal -
*Crystal Takeover: The user turns itself or another into crystal.
Crystal Shower: Can create a storm of sharp dagger like crystals.
Limited Invisibility: Can turn itself or another invisible for a limited amount of time.
Plant -
*Vine Grip: Vines come out the ground and grab the target.
Thorn Throw: Thorns grow up from the ground where the user desires.
Solar Take: A large plant grows out of the ground which blocks all light. The plant then grows wings and turns in to a 100ft green dragon.

Flower -
*Mist: Flowers appear that release paralyzing mist when they bloom.
Seedlings: Can create butterflies which drop seeds along the ground that explode.
Growth: The user can increase it's size.

Sand -
*Sand Storm: The user can create a storm of sand.
Quicksand: The user can turn the ground beneath the target into quicksand.
Sand Dune: Can create a dune of sand to block any attack or intruders.

Mountain -
*Rock Spear: Creates a spear out of rock which is thrown at the target in a wave. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Rock Avalanche: Creates a huge avalanche of rocks. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Overgrowth: Creates an unpassable barrier of rock and trees. Illusions cannot use this ability.


*Deadly Dart: Sends a green wave of darts at the target. If one dart hits the target then weeds will start to grow out of the target's body, poisoning it's blood and killing it within 2hrs.
Infect: The ground becomes covered in weeds which poison anything that touches them, killing them within 3hrs.
Weed's Revenge: The target becomes covered in weeds and is pulled into the ground, where it is buried alive. The target can escape this ability by teleporting, or using a shield, but otherwise there is no escape.
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