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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Non-Elemental Types Abilities.

*Bone Spears: Sends a wave of bone spears at the target. Can also create a wall of bone around the user.
Bone Fissure: Ability to send energy in the form of bones at the target, the energy is hidden in the ground until only moments before it goes after the target and explodes from the ground.
Explosive Deeds: Ability to instanty make the target's bones explode. An ultimate ability.

*Phase: Basic ability to phase through objects.
Essence of One: Ability to rip the essence of abilities out of the target, making it so the target cannot use it's abilities for 1hr.
Call of Essence: Ability to render the target instantly 'dead' for up to 2hrs. During this time the target's abilities will become weak so once 2hrs are up the target will not be able to use it's abilties for another hour.

*Sun's Radiance: Raises the temperature in the area. This ability can cause an entire river to dry up from the heat.
Sun's Dancers: Ability to call forth 15 to 20 sun pheonixs. Each pheonix is bigger then the average adult Raveen. Each can blow fire and create waves of fire. These pheonixs are not easily killed.
Dragon of the Sun: Summons a 100ft sun dragon. This dragon is capable of destroying mountains with a single swipe.

*Metal Spears: Sends a wave of metal spears at the target.
Metal Takeover: Causes the target to turn to metal.
Metallic Keeper: Ability to send a wave of metal spears, followed by poisonous metal needles at the target. The poison causes the target's mind to not work with it's body. Within 10hrs the target will turn to compete metal, unless it has been healed.

*Varies depending on type*

*Varies depending on type*

*Varies depending on type*

*Teleport: The user can teleport.
Enchant: A shield of energy which obsorbs attacks and abilities and in turn can be turned into a power beam and thrown at the target.
Randomize: Any ability. For example the user could use Ice Spears, or Fire Paw, any Inner Dimensional Raveen Kat abilities. Animal and Insect abilities cannot be copied.
Time Freeze: Freezes time for as long as the user can hold it's breath.
Mind Block: The user takes control of target's mind.

Moon Dust: Heals the user, or the target by means of touch. Can also cause extreme pain for the target if desired, can cause the target to become 'lifeless' for an hour.Illusions cannot use this ability.
Tears of the Moon: A sparkling wave of dust which covers anything it touches in a diamond 'cage'. The diamond cage cannot be destroyed unless it's melted by fire, the cage itself lasts as long as the user desires.Illusions cannot use this ability.
Moon Dragon: Summons a 50ft moon dragon(ghost like in appearance) which will do whatever the user desires. It will not kill however, but it will steal life from the target by means of touch.

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