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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Non-Elemental Types Abilities.

*Shadow Walk: The user becomes one with the shadows, making it impossible for any damage to be taken. The user can then attack the target's shadow and cause damage, while receiving none. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Shadow Fear: Changes the shadows into living shadow creatures, thus summoning an 'army'. The shadow creatures cannot be handed damage but can hand out damage. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Shadow's Essence: Calls forth a wave of shadows, the wave is powerful enough to cover an entire planet in complete darkness. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Chaos -
*Chaos Wave: A wave of hail followed by fire, rocks and a tornadoe.
Chaos Shield: A shield of fire which in turn can be turned into a cage.
Ultimate Struggle: A huge storm of ice, fire, rocks, electricity, and tornadoes. An ultimate ability as it causes much damage.

Robotic -
*Recharge: A wave of dark red mist which can fully heal the user. If the mist touches another it will shock them and instantly paralyze them for an hour.
Stasis: Renders the target lifeless for up to 2hrs.
Wired: Wires instantly grab the target and start electrocuting it to death. While the target is being electrocuted it cannot use abilities.

Star -
*Star's Reflection: The user teleports away in a blinding flash of light.
Star's Wyverns: Summons up to twenty star wyverns. Each wyvern has the ability to shock by touch and teleport away in blinding flashes of light.
Super Nova: Creates an explosion of destruction wherever the user desires. The explosion can easily obliterate the target.

Hell -
*Hell's Rein: Causes the sky to turn black and 'fall' upon the ground, crushing everything nonliving and in it's way and temporarily paralyzing anything living.
Hell's Fist: A crushing wave of black destruction followed by poisonous spikes. This ability is much faster then the eye can see, meaning the target won't see the wave until it's too late.
Hell's Creation: Ability to call forth up to 25 hell demons who each have the ability to send forth waves of black destruction. Each demon has ripping talons and long fangs that can easily tear through bone.

Fate -
*Destiny's Fate: Ability to freeze time for as long as the user desires.
Touch of Fate: Ability to freeze the target in time by means of touch. The target will basically be frozen and won't be able to attack or even move until the user desires them to be unfrozen.
Fate's Illusion: Sends a fake wave of fire and ice at the target from the front, while a wave of jewels which explode on contact comes at the target from behind. An ultimate ability as it causes much damage.

Innocence -
*Inner Soul: Instantly calms the target's soul, rendering the target completely calm for an hour. During this time the target won't even be able to think about attacking. Also during this time the target's abilities will shut down, rendering them useless for 2hrs.
Flight's Innocence: Causes the target to be thrown miles away from the area, instantly.
Innocent's Reign: Causes the target to fall unconcious for as long as the user desires.

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