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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Non-Elemental Types.

Spirit -
*Phase: Ability to move through objects.
Spirit Wave: A wave of glowing green mist which causes anything it touches to fall asleep.
Spirit Enchant: Creates a shield around whoever the user desires. The shield can block most abilities. It in turn can be thrown at the target, it will explode on contact.
Spirit Summon: Summons a flock of spirit wyverns. They will attack the target and not back off until the summoner wishes them to. Each can phase.

Insect -
*Varies from Kat to Kat. Illusions cannot shapeshift into Insect Kats*

*Illusion: Ability to shapeshift into another Raveen Kat type and use it's abilities. The abilities won't be as powerful as the original though. Moon, Animal, Insect and Mix abilities cannot be used by Illusions.

Life -
*Life Wave: A wave of black mist which can either give life back to something that is dead, or make something living fall unconcious for 1hr.
Spirit Wheel: A spiralling wave of fire, ice, rocks and the same black mist which is in life wave.
Return: It is the exact opposite of the Death ability Drain. It gives energy/life back to the target and can even heal non-fatal wounds.

Death -
*Drain: Can drain the energy, or life depending on how powerful the target is, from the target by means of touch.
Death Wave: A grey mist which paralyzes anything it touches. Tends to kill smaller animals.
Sudden Death: Basically this ability can stop anything. Abilities, life, blood flow, or even time. It's considered an ultimate ability as it can be both defensive and offensive.

*Varies from Kat to Kat. Illusions cannot shapeshift into Mixed Kats*

*Storm Summon: Can instantly call forth any kind of storm. Electricty, ice, anything.
Storm Ring: Summons a ring of white lightning that surrounds the user. The ring shoots lightning bolts at the target and can instantly freeze the target. In turn the ring can be shot at the target as a wave.
Storm Dragon: Ability to summon a 50ft weather dragon. The dragon has control over weather and is immune to Raveen Kat abilities.

Electricty -
*Eternal Sky: Calls forth a storm of electricity.
Electricity's Messenger: Ability to turn into electricity.
Dragon's Keep: Calls forth a 50ft dragon made of electricty.
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