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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Outer DimensionalTypes Abilities.

Venom -
*Poison Wave: A wave of poison needles is sent at the target. Once the target is poisoned it is paralyzed until the Kat(s) who paralyzed them wish them to be unparalyzed.
Poison's End: Instantly kills the target by means of touch.
Venomous Rattle: Ability to send a wave of black poison, followed by the same poison needles in Poison Wave at the target.

Black Magic -
*Teleport: The user can teleport.
Mirrored: Ability to make copies of one's self. The copies cannot be destroyed by touch and can use abilities and take damage just like the real thing. The copies will also have their own power supply.
Breakdown: Causes the target's mind to be flooded with emotions or memories, thus allowing the user total control of the target's mind.
Stop: Stops time for as long as the user desires.
Control: Ability to take over summoned creatures and turn them against their original summoner.
Sheild of Honor: The user obsorbs all damage inflected upon it and in turn can turn the energy into a power beam of immense power.

White Magic -
*Teleport: The user can teleport.
Flames of Magic: White flames fall upon the target, instantly freezing/paralyzing the target while burning it alive.
White Sheild: A sheild of energy which obsorbs damage and in turn can be turned into a power beam and sent at the target. Not as powerful as the Black Magic abilitiy Sheild of Honor.

Phantom -
*Emotional Shutdown: The target's mind is overrun by every last emotion. When all the emotions 'fade' the target is rendered brain dead for two hours.
Crawling Phantom: Ability to send a wave of fire, ice, rocks, tornadoes, energy, and black destruction at the target. Once the target is hit by at least one of these waves it's mind is under the user's control.
Emotion's End: Instantly kills the target.

Mirror -
*Reflect: Ability to make copies of the user. The copies can take damage and use abilities just like the real thing. Perfect for retreating or hunting.
Trade: The user takes on the target's abilities, allowing the user to use the target's abilities as well as it's own. Can also take on the appearance of the target.
Reflective Wave: An invisible wave of destruction which crushes everything in it's path. If the target uses a wave to try and block it, the target's wave will just change course and go after the target.

*Shaman's Grace: Summons a flock of crows which attack the target and will not back down until the user desires.
Shaman's Sheild: An energy shield which blocks all Inner Dimensional Abilities and all non-psychic abilities cast by any other Kats.
Shaman's Curse: Ability to make the target instantly fall lifeless whenever the user desires.

*Silence: Instantly kills all sound in the area.
Gazer's Source: The user becomes completly invisible.
Stealth Wave: Calls forth a wave of energy Stealths. They look just like Stealth Kats, and are normally used to give the target that it's outnumbered. The summoned Stealth Kats can take damage and attack, and will only leave when the user desires them to.

Source -
*Cancel Summon: Cancels out summoned creatures.
Power's Keep: Ability to cause the sky and earth to collide with energy, instantly killing or paralyzing any targets in the area.
Shine: Ability to 'reflect' the light away from the user, thus making it invisible. While the user is invisible a huge wave of life obsorbing energy will hit the target.
Moment's End: Instantly kills target. The user will then take the target's soul from it's body and force it to answer questions. If the target answers the questions wrong then the Source will not take it's soul back to it's body. If the target answers the questions correctly then the Source will take the target's soul back to it's body. This ability causes permanent energy lose, and sometimes blindness.

Legacy -
*Time: Freezes time for as long as the user desires.
Legacy's End: An invisble wave of mist which paralyzes anything it touches.
Time Fold: Ability to 'destroy' time in an area. Basically making it so the user is in a 'time warp' where it can stay for several hours, days, or even years.  Outside time is still moving, but inside time has no effect. This is an ultimate ability and requires little energy. It is often used when the user is in trouble.

Legend -
*Legendary Shield: Summons an ultimate aura shield which is capable of blocking all abilities. Lasts as long as the user desires.
Hail The Goddess: The user's Vibe marking starts to glow brightly as silver light from above engulfs the user's body. Any unfriendly targets nearby will find themselves struck down by a ray of silver light. This light drains all life from the target(s), instantly killing it. Only shields that belong to an Ultimate Form are capable of blocking this.
Wave of Legend: Summons a deadly wave of silver mist. This mist instantly kills anything that touches it, and makes it impossible for the target to be ressurrect for at least 4hrs.
Legends Calling: The user teleports anywhere it wishes to teleport to.
Summoning a Legend: Summons any kind of legendary creature that the user desires. This creature cannot be any bigger then 150ft. Will not back down until the user desires.

Ritual -
*Dark Ritual: Instantly kills target.
Sacrifice: The target loses it's abilities momentarily, and the user gains them. This ability lasts 2hrs, but the Ritaul Kat will still possess the target's abilities after this ability has ended.
Ritual Summoning: Summons fifty 25ft dragons made of the elements. Each dragon has elemental power and will not back down until the user desires.
Fusion: Allows the user to fuse with another Ritual Kat and become one for a limited amount of time. While fused the Ritual Kat possesses unnatural powers and is invincible. Fusion only lasts 15 minutes.
Dark Glow: A black aura appears around the user. This aura blocks ALL abilities that are not cast by a lower/supreme god.
Descending: This ability is powerful enough to cover an entire planet is pure darkness. This darkness drains the life out of the living.
Seeking: Basic ability to teleport.
Ritual's Bones: Gives the user control of the target's mind and body for as long as the user desires.

Spectral -
*Suffer the Pain: The target is struck down by pain, unable to speak or even breath. This lasts as long as the user desires and can result in death.
Spectral Dragon: A dragon made of energy is summoned. This dragon is 75ft tall and extremely powerful. It is invincible, but can only stay summoned for a max of thirty minutes.
Wisdom's Exile: Instantly kills target.
Spectral Barrier: Creates a barrier of light which surrounds the user and/or target(s). This barrier blocks ALL abilities and lasts as long as the user desires.
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