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The following is a list of all Raveen Kat Water Types.

Water -
*Surf: Creates a huge tidal wave which can crush bones.
Sink: Turns the ground beneath the target into water.
Water: The user can turn itself or another into water.

Tide -
*Water Paw: The user's paws turn water. The water is actually acid and can burn through even metal.
Current: Can call forth a tsunami to blast the target away.
Phase: Can walk through anything by turning itself into water. The water is acid, will burn anything it touches.

Reflection -
*Ricochet: The user can make anything bounce off it.
Reflect: Ability to create one copy of the user. The copy can use abilities and take damage.
Invisibility: Turns the user invisible for as long as it can hold it's breath.

Rain -
*Downpour: Creates a storm of acid rain.
Mask: The user covers itself with clouds.
Water Spin: Ability to create a tornadoe of water.

Mist -
*Mist: The user turns itself into mist. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Mist Shield: Creates a shield of mist which obsorbs all wave abilities and sends them back at the target in a form of a mist wave. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Mist Undertake: The entire area turns into poisonous mist which instantly kills the target and all creatures near it. An ultimate attack. Illusions cannot use this ability.

Ice -
*Freeze: Target is frozen. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Avalanche: Creates an avalanche of ice, the avalanche is powerful enough to cover an entire planet in ice. Illusions cannot use this ability.
Ice Spears: Creates a wave of ice spears which will freeze the target. Illusions cannot use this ability.


Oil -
*Contamination: The target's body becomes covered in black oil which blocks it's airway and kills it within 10mins. Only shields can block this ability.
Oil Wave: Sends a black wave of oil at the target. The oil burns through the target's skin and contaminates it's blood. The target will die in 1hr.
Vengeful: The ground becomes covered in an oil like quicksand. The target will be pulled under, and unless it's able to teleport or has a shield ability it will be killed.
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