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"She's a mystery of personas; a plethora of egos.
Kiruuna is her true name and form, but just how
many other names does she have?"
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Name: Kiruuna
Dimension of Origin: Demon
Descendant of: Rekshanuu and Le'Asha
Morality: Evil

Also Known As: Matron Goddess of Trickery

Kiruuna is the only daughter of Le'Asha and Rekshanuu, and it
remains a fact she is proud to boast about. Unlike her brothers,
Kiruuna has always been vocal about her parentage, and
unafraid of slandering their names when it suits her. She is
known for being untrustworthy; willing and able to turn against

As a Goddess of Trickery, Kiruuna is most known for deceiving
others in her multiple mortal forms. She has the power of
perfect shape-shfiting, able to take on the form of anything and

She keeps the identities of her alter-egos secret, not even
revealing her true nature to those she may take on as mates. It's
a well known fact Kiruuna has had many offspring with multiple
males, but those that descend from her are often unaware of it.

Still thriving somewhere in the world, Kiruuna can be trusted to
be no help to anyone.
Greater Gods/Divine Descendants

Inner Dimension
Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

Demon/Mystic Dimension;

Belief Dimension;
Maduu, Shaduun
Lower Gods
Inner Dimension
Kuunanrah, Nebuula, Harp, Shimara

Central Dimension;

Outer Dimension;
Chalice, Otathuus

Demon/Mystic Dimension;
Masai, Kiruuna, Seht

Belief Dimension;

Planetary Dimension;
Unknown/See Inner Dimension.

Narduutha, Nitara