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"Shimara prefers the company of Natural
Demons over Raveens. That's why most Raveens
don't even know about her."
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Name: Shimara
Dimension of Origin: Inner
Descendant of: Dartuusa and Orcle
Morality: Neurtal

Also Known As: Matron Goddess of Blessings
Planet of Rule: Tornado Plains

Shimara has never quite fit in perfectly with her family; even
with the severe differences in ideals and temperaments they all
display, Shimara has always been the odd one out. Many believe
this is because of her origins.  While she was born to Dartuusa
and Orcle, her conception was not a normal one.

One of her parents had been under the influence of a Demon
possession at the time she was conceived. This shows in her
physical traits which differ from her siblings; the watery sheen
to her skin, the visible almost-scales around her eyes and her
visible blue veins.

She's unable to communicate in anything other than the
Demonic Tongue, which has caused a great many
misunderstandings over the years. There was a time when some
believed Shimara to be a follower of the Great Evil, and
wrongly accused her of being a harbinger of destruction due to
the companions she had chosen for herself. (Natural Demons)

Shimara's followers are often healers and wandering guides to
those who are lost. The old Shrine in Thunder Valley was a
Shrine of Shimara, and all Healer's Shrines that have come since
are usually designed in a feather or shell-like design in her
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Uunka, Thyuus, Kuurahn, Mileeta

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Maduu, Shaduun
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Narduutha, Nitara